Monday, May 31, 2010


Look! I have a blog. Yes, my very own space in the world wide web to share a bit of me. Why do I think I need one of these? I don't know... my friends have one? I can share my photographic skills? I can keep family/friends updated with what's going on in our family? I can show off my kiddos, the "Littles"? I'll look really cool? Maybe all of the above? (Okay, maybe not so much the looking really cool part.) Whatever the reason/s, here I am.

For my very first post, I figured what was better than posting on Memorial Day and using my freedom of speech, my freedom to be me. Although words are not adequate, thank you to those past, present and future for serving and protecting my freedom. I wish all the men and women serving our country many blessings and a safe journey. I am proud, appreciative and enjoy my freedom.

"Home of the free because of the brave.
Preserving our freedom for generations to come. 

More to come... God bless.