Monday, February 14, 2011

Kicking it with Cupid...

Loved this Cupid on my phone's home screen.
Warning: today I fly my holiday freak flag. Did you know I love holidays?! What a great holiday too, a day dedicated to love. I LOVE love. My thoughts are, love is one of those basic necessities for human survival.... air, water, food & love. Everyone needs love. Love makes humans thrive. (And just how many times can I say "love" in a paragraph? For good measure... love, love, love.)

I received a wonderful valentine surprise from my honey. (My sweet valentine of 21 years!) A lovely gold bracelet, cute t-shirt & purse sized extra potent pepper spray. (So no one mugs me for my new fabulous gold bracelet. ;-) Made requested dinner for my honey, flowers, couple bottles of vino', two little valentine surprise bags for the Littlest Littles and it was a good day.

Oh, and lets not forget the valentine mailbags I passed out at the office. Yes, thats right, its good to revisit your childhood days every now and then. Sure was fun to watch a bunch of grown ups running around delivering tiny little valentine cards/candies/treats to each coworker's desk while giggling like they were in elementary school! Can't tell you how long its been since I sat and filled out those sappy little cards! Ahhh to be a kid again. Good stuff people, good stuff.

Abbie & Josh decorated their own valentine mailbags. :-)

From my valentine. xxooxxooxx

What is valentines day without a bit of chocolate? Chocolate ganache cheesecake... mmmmmm.

And this? If I hadnt of known this was a candle, I so would have permanently disabled my tastebuds by pouring the thick dark chocolate-y smelling goodness down my throat. Scrumptiousness.

Speaking of chocolate, this is a bit off topic from our valentines day this year, but the whole wine and chocolate thing made me remember... if you are a wine drinker, or not... this is a must try. "ChocoVine". Yes, you can have your wine and chocolate all rolled into one. I admit it sounds disturbing... but after my first sip, oh yum!  I wish I had  a glass right this moment.

A new hat like daddys for a valentine's day surprise!

I swear her cuteness and charm could pass for Cupid. Love her. (There is that "love" word again.)

It was a sweet day.
{This post's tune: "Cupid" by Otis Redding}

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby it's cold outside....

So the week was spent, for the most part, cooped up inside the house trying to avoid the cold freezing weather. Something about knowing you are stuck in the house and can't really go anywhere very easily, tends to make the cabin fever set in quickly. So, what to do to pass the time? Oh we can think of something I am certain....

Everything was all fun and games until Middle Little spotted a tiny piece of dust bunny blowing in and out of a screw hole in the front door frame while we were "drawing" on the frost covered glass door. I have never seen a toddler back up so fast and point and yell "MOUSE!" or a momma jump back so fast and yell "where?!"

*singing* "Yo, VIP, Let's kick it! ...bombombom potobombom... bombombom potobombom... Ice Ice Baby... Ice Ice Baby. All right stop. Collaborate and listen. Ice is back with my brand new invention...."           What?

Lots of much needed hot chocolate to counteract the frigid cold.

Story time with librarian Abbie...

A little telephone chit-chat here and there to see how everyone else is doing while frozen in their houses. "Hello, how are you doing? What? Freezing your heinie off? Yeah, I hear ya!"

Not often we get a good snow here. On the rare event we do, you better believe we are bundled up like the stay puff marshmellow man and out the door taking it all in.

Littlest Little's first snow. Momma must have been blinded by the winter wonderland and thought a massive blizzard hit judging the way the Littles were bundled up. Josh couldnt move from all the layers of clothing... I sat him down to play and he fell over. Hey, I told you its not often we get snow here.

Poor little guy. He must have been nice and warm and cozy (either that, or he gave up on the idea of moving period), he wasnt outside 5 minutes and started going to sleep in his plastic Bilibo toy! So precious. It was time for him to go in, de-layer and have a cat-nap.

Middle Little didnt want to come in. No way, its much more fun to stay outside until you cannot feel your fingers from the numbing cold. (No, we really didnt let her stay outside til' her fingers fell off... we did make her come in and warm up a bit and traded off cold snow covered mittens for fresh dry mittens.)

Beautiful little snow angel.

Bilibo use # 201 - use two of them as a mold for a gigantic snowball. Suhhhhweet!

How cool is this? (Okay, literally & figuratively ;-) Millions and millions of powdery snowflakes falling together into mounds of glistening white. Upon closer inspection, really close inspection, you could see each individual snowflake really does look like those snowflakes we cut out of paper.

And how even cooler is this? (Is that a proper sentence? Hmmmm.) Gave new meaning to having a frosty cold beer. The foam on top even froze.

Then THIS happened. Found this snowman in our backyard and this band of rogue little snowmen who chased him down and tied him up for whatever sick snowman reasons I can only guess. After this, I was afraid to go outside, I swear I saw one of these little buggars on the front porch.

Okay, perhaps THIS is what really happens while enjoying above mentioned frosty beer and an over active imagination from being cooped up in the house for days. 

Look at those beady little eyes...

*gasp* Is that a matchstick in the one little guy's hand?!?

The joys of having little people in the house. They should have children teach poker players how to have "poker face". 

Me:  "Abbie, did you eat all your peas?"
Abbie: "Uh, huh, I ate all my peas."
Me: "You ate all your peas that fast? I just gave them to you a minute ago."
Abbie: (in a sweet sing songy voice) "Yeaaaah, I did eat all my peas."
Me: Looks down to see a trail of peas between highchairs.

Of course we crafted/colored several things, this was Abbie's favorite, she was very proud of it. She made Big Little a lovely keychain for a Valentine's day surprise. :-)

...and while it thaws out outside and we are nearing the end of our nasty week of weather...

Family Movie Night

PJs ready - check, fluffy blankets lined up for snuggling - check, concession stand stocked - check, feature presentation ready to roll - check. (Yes I did decorate a "concession stand"... we do it up right around here.)

Now playing at the Johmni (aka - Dad's big ol' honkin' Omni like projection screen)...
"Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole"

Big Little, Middle Little & Littlest Little... our babies.

My gorgeous girls...

My handsome boys...

One awesome family of pajama clad, movie watching, being silly, togetherness...

We snacked, watched a movie, snacked, goofed off, snacked some more, played a couple board games (we let Middle Little win - she hasnt quite gotten the hang of CandyLand yet), just had a good ol' time hibernating in the house.

Speaking of snacking... OMy Gosh! Check this out, tongue tattoos!?! Who invents this stuff and why am I a dork enough to buy it?!

I got a bit worried for a sec... it didnt wear off as quickly as I thought it would. Was beginning to wonder if I was going to be stuck with this and what would people think? Gang member? Prison b****? Just plain stupid? (Okay, I see you nodding your head.) Finally wore off. Whew!

Almost a week of being stuck indoors due to a cold, wet, wintery mess... but ya' know, we made the best of it and actually kept ourselves busy. Its all good. I hear tell, just when we thought this stuff was over with and the sun comes out and dries it all up.... there is a pretty damn good chance its going to hit us again this week! We shall see! What to do, what to do...  ;-)