Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me gold...

And a Happy Saint Patricks day ...... or La' Fhe'ile Pa'draig sona daiobh! (<-- that would be my attempt at wishing you the same thing in Gaelic)

Cannot let the day go by without sporting a bit o' green,

speaking with an Irish accent, toasting with a green beer,

having a tasty green snack or two,

and most importantly counting me gold (my blessings).

"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

Irish blessings to all....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fat Sunday....

Happy mardi dimanche gras! Okay, so we were sick around mardi gras time, so needless to say... with my freakish need to celebrate holidays, of course I could not let mardi gras slip by un-noticed. With that said, instead of fat tuesday, we had to settle for dimanche gras, errrr, fat sunday. ;-)

With Big Little bringing her new beau over for us to meet, we thought it was a good idea to pick up a bit. After all, what good would it do to meet us if he couldnt see us amongst a sea of colorful toys?

Abbie's idea of helping me clean up the toys. Either (A.) it was much more fun to keep playing and ignore me, or (B.) she was putting on protective gear to clear the toy bomb debris from the area.

What's mardi gras without a bit of colorful decor, stuff to snack on, rounds of Wii bowling and people you love?! (As long as they are not reading this... "Haha! I whooped some ass bowling!)

My kitchen homies gnomies...

Speaking of gnomes, I have collected and loved them for several years now (only in the kitchen though and only a certain type). I noticed there seems to be a shortage of female gnomes out there? What's the deal with that?! So, when I see one, I must have it. My favorite... this little nurturing momma' gnome here. Unique. Love it!

So that was random and completely off subject. Ehhh.

How about a glass of cold sweet tea? A bite to eat perhaps? Jambalaya, salad, garlic french bread?

How about a slice of sweet tea soaked lemon? His face upon first taste was priceless.

I was so sad that we were all so sick during mardi gras week and missed out on the traditional King Cake. :-( Had to make due with homebaked mardi gras cupcakes. Which Big Little informed us that the baby on the one cupcake symbolized baby Jesus. Hadnt heard that one before? I thought finding the baby in the cake meant you had to buy/bring the next cake? I know one thing, if getting the piece with the baby means fertility... someone else can have mine. :-)~

Cupcakes for my little cuppycakes.
She is seriously beautiful. Seriously.
My little girl is a big girl now.


Middle Little didnt want big sister on the swing with her while she was swinging.
"Get off my swing!"

Speaking of the swing. I had been looking for one for quite some time. Could not find just the right one. Until now! I loved everything about this swing when I found it. Metal, good color and vintage looking. I ordered it online while I was sick (made me feel better too ;-) at a place called . I was super impressed with their service. Great pricing, free shipping and it showed up on my doorstep, I kid you not, in less than 48 hours!

On a mission to find a "just right" cushion and pillows for it and looking forward to rocking Littles in the moonlight. I am in love with it.

We love us some swings around here!

And we love us some sugary sweet happy babies.
Look at the face. The face of delight.

Tired of the sweet stuff yet? More sweet stuff...
(Mom & Dad looking on, caught in window reflection.)

Beautiful day to play outside. Littlest Little is now big enough to understand the sidewalk chalk is for artwork not eating.

Was not until I saw this picture that I realized... he did not wet his pants, his sister did! Haha! Busted.

Young love...

Abbie warming up to her sister's boyfriend.
Giving her "flowers" helped. What girl doesnt like flowers?!  

Abbie's "flowers" she insisted be in water.

Hope everyone that celebrated mardi gras, or fat Sunday, or any day of the week, had a good one!
Looking forward to the next celebration. Enjoying the coming Spring weather and all it brings!