Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth

Happy Birthday America!

"The United States is the only country with a known birthday." ~James G. Blaine

On this day we celebrate.. we have picnics with potato salad that gets questionable in the heat, we barbecue enough meat to feed a whole tribe of people, we stand out in the heat drenched with sweat watching parades of red, white and blue go by, we light fire to little sticks of dynamite and watch them explode in the sky, we visit with family and friends (love this one), we... enjoy the day with all kinds of traditions. All of us celebrating the same birthday in different places around the world has got to qualify as a Guinness record for the worlds largest birthday party! Talk about one freakin' huge birthday cake America!  The blazing birthday candles on that sucker could be seen from space. Party on... we celebrate you America, thankful and proud.

"The land of the free, because of the brave."

I am addicted to the chocolate covered pretzels. They are now a celebration staple. The possibilities are endless with color combinations, edible embellishments, and displays/wrappings! Something this versatile, inexpensive and delicious should be a crime. Seriously.

See that jar the flowers are in? Yeah, my freakish need for crafting did that last minute. I can totally see where frosted glass spray paint could become a crafting addiction.

Lets not forget the strawberry margarita concoction... the paper umbrella makes any drink better.

We had a relaxing day spent enjoying each other, eating, swimming, and observing America's 235th birthday! Bought the Littles some "city legal" fireworks... they loved the little popper things that you throw on the ground! Fun watching them try to throw them down and make them pop! (Note popper in hand below...big fun!)

It was one hot mutha' out there! Look at those smiling little red cheeks...

Speaking of cheeks... (couldnt resist... baby butt crack = cute).

What do you teach your children as they grow about this day?
I want mine to be proud, patriotic and passionate about their country (the three "P"s)... and throw in a little celebration too.... with some crafts... yeah. ;-)

and the rockets red glare...(Daddy lighting his fireworks sky popcorn)

the bombs bursting in air...

Proud to be American.