Monday, October 31, 2011

These things are fun and fun is good.

The month of October, is all about spooky/silly/sugar high fun! We filled our month with what else? Crafts, costume making and enough sugar to put us in sugar shock.

Coloring wooden masks... toddlers and markers = bathtime.


Made the Littles new blankets to drag around. His pirate themed and hers well, smiling breakfast foods? Yes, because she dances around ever so cutely singing "There's a party in my yummy, so yummy." ( Except hers is more like "so yahhhmee" This comes from the kids show Yo Gabba Gabba, that shows smiling happy food dancing in your tummy. I think the writers of this children's program have been partaking in some uncontrolled substances.

One must take a break from crafting to refuel and redecorate the dining room with chicken noodle soup.

Who me?

The latest in hair fashion accessories.

Sidewalk chalk "makeovers".

After the makeover... gorgeous dahhling.

Halloween is also the time to break out every orange and black outfit you can! I love my jack-o-lantern necklace! It is an October wardrobe staple year after year.

And these heels... well okay, so they are not Halloween related. I bought them in October!
They make me feel super hero-ish. I love the electric blue color.

 Pumpkin painting...

Big sister supervising...

Pumpkin carving...

Biggest Little's Hello Kitty pumpkin and my Lorax pumpkin.

Speaking of Dr. Seuss's Lorax... check it out... this year's costumes.
I give you, Thing 1 & Thing 2 escorted by the Cat in the Hat!

Abbie was an old pro. This year, she boldly marched up to doors past spooky spider webs and glowing pumpkins to ring doorbells and say "Trick or Treat!".  Baby brother was not sure what was going on... but he quickly caught on to the fact that once a doorbell was rang, people would come out and throw fistfulls of sugary goodness into your bag! 

After a few doors and realizing they were scoring big in the candy loot department... they were quick to get to a door and to try knocking on it if no one answered the doorbell quick (At one point I had to tell them "No!" when they started trying people's doorknobs! It was the candy driving them to do it.)

After 2 hours of trick or treating, it was time to take two tired Littles home, clean out candy and scrub the blue from their blond locks.  Between the candy & the chocolate pretzels (What'd you think I was going to let a holiday pass without them?), we have enough sugar to keep us high for weeks!

October 2011 is done.
Next up... Turkey Day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spook or Be Spooked

All right... fright night is just around the corner! Now to cram as much as I possibly can into the next 20 days! Halloween crafts, baking, costume finishing touches, breaking out every orange & black outfit we have and watching as many scary movies as possible! Were off to a good start....

Hubby planted some Fall flowers...

Okay, so hubby didn't plant these... these are our creepy Fall mushrooms that have taken over the yard like a Zombie apocolypse. I swear they are making their way to the front door.

Speaking of creepy... I climbed up in the dark dusty attic all by myself last night while the hubby was visiting a friend.  While I decided, as I sometimes do, that I wasn't going to do much for Halloween... well, it's like a crack addict. I can't not at least do some. I went in for some Fall vines/foliage and came out dragging boxes of Halloween decor. Threw a few items in the backyard and once the hubby got home, his holiday freak flag was flying too as he went back into the attic and retrieved the fog machine and laser light show. (Side note, came home from work today and he had gone back into the attic for more.)

The before and after fogger paint job... (hubby painted this thing many years ago for our annual costume parties... paint was peeling/missing, so he decided it needed a makeover. Yeah, he can't ever say a word to me about my holiday excitement... he can be just as bad. ;-)~ I love it.

See the glowing eyes... yes, another hubby holiday craft.

Once night fell last night, we took the kids out in the yard to have a peek. I knew when the hubby snuck past me with a costume in hand towards his workshop/storage building.... well, the next picture says it all.  (Note unsuspecting child in foreground.... we may be paying for therapy in the future.) Yes, the Halloween shenanigans have begun. Paybacks a b****.    ;-)   

On a sweeter note... sweet as in, check out these suuuuhweet crocheted beanies that my most awesome-ly talented cousin Katie in Washington made for the Littles! I LOVE them!!!! (So do they... Josh cried when I tried to take his off and had to wear it in the house for awhile.)

There is a lovely moon out tonight... just right for howling at, moonbathing, or sneaking up on some unsuspecting soul in the soft glow of the moon.... spook or be spooked! Fun ahead!