Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ho Ho Horror....

Today was the day... the long anticipated, once a year, visit with jolly ol' Santa Claus. Time to climb up on his velvety red knee and rattle on and on about all the fantastic toys we would love to wake up to under our tree Christmas morning.

Well, ours went something like this... wake up, get dressed for work, car decided it needed some new parts and would not start. Thank God the hubby knows how to do these things and fixed it up quickly and saved us money doing it himself. (He can fix most anything! He's good like that. :-) A few more little incidents... then everyone is dressed with smiling faces and happy to be on our way to Santa.

We arrive to find a very short line... awesome.

Make it to the front of the line and there he was in all his glory... SANTA. He had the happiest smile and was waving to us. I swear, he had a magical glow and I wanted to smile and jump up and down  waving like I was 5. To my Littles... it was more like "Ho Ho Horror".  :-\ Abbie hid her face and would not go near him. Josh touched the seat of his pants on the jolly old elf's knee and panicked.

Here we have it.... the 2011 Christmas shot.... Santa, Josh with a less than pleased look on his face, and mom in mid "cheese', Abbie is invisible. (You know, now that I look at it... that little elf guy in the lower right hand corner is kind of creepy. Hmmmmm.) Sorry Santa. We hope that this doesnt mean we wont get the goods Christmas morning. We have been pretty good.

We have had the same Santa for the last 3 years. Another words, this is the only Santa the Littles have ever seen. Pretty cool. :-)

After the traumatizing event, we headed toward the reindeer carousel. After a brief reminder not to jack with the reindeers antlers... we waited our turn for a spin.

So they are not afraid of a shark, nor a taxidermied racoon that very possibly could have been rabid.... but Santa? Well, he is just simply terrifying. So this year, we visit Santa from a distance.  

Little goofballs. The "Cheese!' face.

I love them. 

After a short visit with Santa, we were on our way back home. Side note: Abbie vomited in the car (car sickness sucks - poor kid). A turn into McDonalds drive-thru for a Happy Meal, to once again be happy...and we were finally home.

Its okay Santa... I like you.

Can you hear it? Journey - "Don't Stop Believing"... *throws my hand up rocker style*

The gifts are starting to fill the space beneath the tree. (Thankful we are blessed this holiday season.)
So much to look forward to yet, dear friends coming to celebrate this weekend and a family Christmas party coming up!
Tis' the season for wonderful stuff....