Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A month of random...

Apparently I really suck at updating this space sometimes. Its been a little over a month with nothing, nada, zip, or zilch, in the way of posts. We have had a busy but fun month in August celebrating birthdays and vacation time! This post is going to be a month of random rambling. If it comes across as a regurgitated mess, well... I do apologize ahead of time. :-)

On a random note: 6 months potty trained and no "accidents"! Way to go Abbie! So proud of our middle Little!

You are growing up way too fast...

Don't care how big you are though, you will always be our baby.
(Note safety foam around coffee table. Saved a trip or two to the ER I am sure! ;-)

Same goes for this little sugar bear too. Slow down! Quit growing so freakin' fast!
(M&Ms are supposed to melt in your mouth, not on your face.)

Our music lover.

In the month of August we celebrated big Little's 20th birthday! Yes, our baby girl is the big 2-0 now! WTH?! How did this happen? Yesterday she was a wee girl. Now she is this gorgeous woman. Happy 20th Birthday!

Yes Cassidy, I totally stole these pics because they are some of my favorites.
I hope you know how truly beautiful you are inside & out.

In the month of August, we also celebrated the hubby's birthday! Happy Birthday honey! Proud that you belong to us. Wishing you many many more birthdays!

In the month of August, we enjoyed some of the last late night swims for the season...

Middle Little had me cracking up when she had her first Starbucks experience and exclaimed "Mommy! My cup has a princess on it!"

Abbie had her first trip to the public library... it was love at first sight.

We visited a fun place called "Abbey's Playtown" a couple times while on vacation. Abbie would ask if we could go to "My playtown" now? A whole lotta' fun in this place!

Excited much?!  ;-)~

A tired little guy lounging in one of the baby

This roller coaster thingy looked like so much fun, if I could have fit my butt in the seat, I would have ridden this thing over and over again with my arms up in the air!

The trampoline was the best thing ever!

Note the baby she was giving a ride in the back seat.

The mini coaster...


We went on a family outting to the Museum of Science and History. After being stuffed in the car like sardines, one wee boy getting car sick while going down the highway (this is why mommas pack extra clothes in the car ;-), and the car dying twice for an unknown reason on the same street, we were were good to go. Once inside, we played. Played until there were major meltdowns. Then it was time to go. Once home, some chinese food takeout and the day was a wrap.

This ceiling sculpture was really cool, once you started looking at it closely. It had all kinds of recycled junk in it.

The biggest and most awesome light bright ever. If I win the lottery, this thing is mine.

See the smiley face?  :-)

The children's area... aka - Meltdown City

The grocery store... probably the busiest area in the place.

My crew scoping out the goods.

Handsome daddy.

Abbie loved this place... *note her buggy full of groceries*. She was on the lookout for anyone who might turn their back on their buggy. If you are not careful, your groceries may end up in her buggy.

Daddy trying to coax a very freaked out middle Little down the cool recycled dragon slide. (Made from all kinds of parts... see the front of the bumper car on the face?)


Cannot pass up the water fountain on the way out! (Even though ti was kind of smelly. Fun won over smelly.)

Also in August... my littlest Little has left the big nest and is now sleeping in his very own big boy bed. *Sniff-sniff* and momma is sad. I miss his warm little body all curled up next to me. My baby is growing up.

That's pretty much the month of August in a nutshell, give or take a story or two. ;-)
Looking forward to the changing of the seasons!