Monday, February 14, 2011

Kicking it with Cupid...

Loved this Cupid on my phone's home screen.
Warning: today I fly my holiday freak flag. Did you know I love holidays?! What a great holiday too, a day dedicated to love. I LOVE love. My thoughts are, love is one of those basic necessities for human survival.... air, water, food & love. Everyone needs love. Love makes humans thrive. (And just how many times can I say "love" in a paragraph? For good measure... love, love, love.)

I received a wonderful valentine surprise from my honey. (My sweet valentine of 21 years!) A lovely gold bracelet, cute t-shirt & purse sized extra potent pepper spray. (So no one mugs me for my new fabulous gold bracelet. ;-) Made requested dinner for my honey, flowers, couple bottles of vino', two little valentine surprise bags for the Littlest Littles and it was a good day.

Oh, and lets not forget the valentine mailbags I passed out at the office. Yes, thats right, its good to revisit your childhood days every now and then. Sure was fun to watch a bunch of grown ups running around delivering tiny little valentine cards/candies/treats to each coworker's desk while giggling like they were in elementary school! Can't tell you how long its been since I sat and filled out those sappy little cards! Ahhh to be a kid again. Good stuff people, good stuff.

Abbie & Josh decorated their own valentine mailbags. :-)

From my valentine. xxooxxooxx

What is valentines day without a bit of chocolate? Chocolate ganache cheesecake... mmmmmm.

And this? If I hadnt of known this was a candle, I so would have permanently disabled my tastebuds by pouring the thick dark chocolate-y smelling goodness down my throat. Scrumptiousness.

Speaking of chocolate, this is a bit off topic from our valentines day this year, but the whole wine and chocolate thing made me remember... if you are a wine drinker, or not... this is a must try. "ChocoVine". Yes, you can have your wine and chocolate all rolled into one. I admit it sounds disturbing... but after my first sip, oh yum!  I wish I had  a glass right this moment.

A new hat like daddys for a valentine's day surprise!

I swear her cuteness and charm could pass for Cupid. Love her. (There is that "love" word again.)

It was a sweet day.
{This post's tune: "Cupid" by Otis Redding}

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