Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Easter around here is kind of like Halloween and Christmas smashed together, what with all the candy and little gifts. I love Easter and its delicious seasonal candies, little girls and wee boys dressed in their Easter threads, the soft pastel colors everywhere, the annual dying of the eggs in brilliant rainbow hues.... all of it! Most important for us adults around here is remembering the meaning of the day for us... He Is Risen!

You know me... oh yes, there were crafts. Check out my Peep bunting! Found the pattern online. A small bit of felt and some embroidery floss and I whipstitched it together in a couple hours! Supa' easy!!! I thought the little felt Peeps were darling.

Speaking of Peeps... I took the Peeps challenge last year and could not stop with just one. (The idea was to come up with a creative Peep character.) I got a little carried away, but I couldnt help it... they made me smile. ;-)~

When Peeps go bad...

Ehhhh, that was a bit random. The Peep bunting made me think of them.

Did you know the little plastic Easter eggs you stuff with small candies/toys... most have a little hole in one end that is perfect for sticking a wooden skewer in and making an egg bouquet?! No? Well, it's true! Check it out! Yes, another craft idea found online. You might be thinking, what is wrong with this girl? Does she have to wield glue sticks and sprinkle glitter all the time? Yes, my friends, I do. It is an illness. I have "Craftitis", of which there is no cure, nor any closet large enough to contain the crafting goodness needed to sustain the addiction. If there was ever a ban on glitter, Id be the one in the back alley buying it illegally... "Yeah, give me 10 grams of your finest purple and gold!" You think I'm kidding?

Cute heh?! I thought they sure were! One of the easiest decorated cupcakes you'll ever make (aside from the regular ol' frosted & sprinkled kind).  Just some typing paper I printed the pattern on and colored with a pink marker. (Yeah, another pattern found online. The internet is a vast cornucopia of crafting delight. It fuels my sickness.)  These were carrot cake... what else?

Loved the little sock monkey Easter baskets for the Littles. I found them at a local drug store for $5!

Beautiful wee girl.

I asked her to model her Ester outfit and this is what she gave me. LOL!

Handsome lil' guy!

Scoping out the goods that the overgrown bunny brought them.

The beautiful Bigger Littles.

After a delicious dinner of grilled pineapple chicken, grilled corn on the cob, baked potatoes & Hawaian bread (or "Ryan" bread as Abbie calls it), the Littles fueled up on cupcakes and Easter candy. Abbie showed us how to eat a chocolate bunny... ears first!

After cleaning up the dinner mess, it was time for the annual dying of the eggs. Yes, we may do some things a little backwards from the norm, but we like to dye our eggs as a calm winding down project. It also works out better for us to be able to take our time and dye them, put them in the fridge once they are done and enjoy our colorful eggs for breakfast/lunches/snacks.

 I laid out the materials and gave a few instructions and let her have at it. She did a great job by her self and we only had one casualty compared to last years half a dozen lost. ;-) Cant wait for Littlest Little to give it a go next year when he's big enough to stand on a chair and reach the counter.

Carefully inspecting her eggs and making sure the color is just right to her liking.

The finished product after she carefully painted them with a touch of gold.

Easter blessings to all!

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