Saturday, January 28, 2012


All aboard! Conductor Josh is about to pull the Two-Two train out of the station....

I want off this train! Its speeding along the tracks MUCH to fast for me! What happened? Where has the time gone?!  My baby is "2". Growing into an intelligent, handsome, full of character little boy.  I breathe in and memorize every detail of him, from his whispy,  spun sugar  like locks, to his tiny little curled under pinky toes and everything in between. I watch how he changes daily and I am so proud of him.  He brings us so much joy.

Okay, so this train just derailed slightly... (sorry a sappy mom moment), back on track...

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Had to get him a "real" engineers hat from a company that has been making them for over 100 years! Thought it was cool.
After asking him what kind of birthday he wanted, we had settled on Spiderman. After a couple weeks of scouring the internet and stores for Spiderman birthday decor and ideas... I was asking him one night if he was excited about this "Spiderman birthday party"? He says to me "No... train." Ummm excuse me?! Train? Are you sure buddy? :-/ (This momma' scrambled ordering stuff and crafting stuff so her boy could have "trains".)

And of course wood train whistles for party favors, that I hope are not driving other parents crazy right about now... ;-)~

Chocolate covered pretzels in background... check. (Did you think Id let a celebration go by without them?! Ha!)

His choice of cake "yemon" (lemon). So I whipped up lemon & some vanilla cupcakes.


The birthday boy! Cutest little train conductor that ever was!

Aunt Michelle & Uncle Mike joined us via Skype from Michigan!

Birthday boy & biggest Little saying hi to Aunt M & Uncle M.

Our Littles had to  hold and cuddle the newest Little of the family. Baby cousin Aeden.


Aeden's proud grandma. :-)

Playing pin the tail on the donky.

Gorgeous Katelyn, Aeden's big sister.

Our daddy even gave it a go.

Opening gifts... (and once again it looks like a toy store vomited in the living room).

Fun stuff!

Oooooh! Train!

The happiness on his face in the glow of the candlelight is embedded in my memory....

And because we are all HUGE suckers and felt bad that Abbie didnt understand it wasnt "her" birthday too... well... damn, she had a "birthday" too. Yeah, that's right, we all did the same thing and bought her a lil' something. ;-)~

Once again, the birthday song has been sung, the candle blown out... its official. Josh is 2.

Happy birthday my son. You are so loved.

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