Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful and full....

It's a shame there is only one day a year dedicated to "thanksgiving". There is something to stop and be truly thankful for on a daily basis, from the major - "thank God I am alive", to the minor - "it's a good hair day", and everything in between. How often do we really say we are thankful and mean it from the core of our very  being? Its so easy to say yeah, I'm thankful for.... but to be thankful and truly mean it, now that's something.

Made these "Thanksgiving Dinner" cupcakes for a luncheon at the office. Super easy to make & fun! (Cookie "plate", almond sliver "turkey", caramel sauce "gravy", cut up cranberries, for, well, "cranberries", green sprinkles for "peas", icing "mashed potatoes" with yellow gel food coloring "butter".)

We spent Thanksgiving with family, loving each other/passing babies around to smooch and eating our weight in delicious-ness.

A cornucopia of desserts, yeah baby, thats what I'm talkin bout!
And I made "cherry pie" cupcakes... again, these were easy and delicious, even if they did
 look like road kill after melting under the heater in the car on the ride to Grandma's.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love cupcakes?! Well, I LOVE me some cupcakes.

And the Daddy tuned up everyone's PCs after we stuffed ourselves with all the Thanksgiving goodness, because it was a must that all Black Friday sales were located and store hours determined to gear up for midnight shopping.

Abbie snooping around in Grandma's room and found Christmas presents. Busted!

I am stuffed full of the Thanksgiving holiday fare... but more so, I am full of thankfullness.
Thankful for every day I am given, even when they are less than perfect days.
Thankful for my health, even the aches and pains at times.
Thankful for my children and what they do for my soul.
Thankful for the husband I have that still makes me want to draw hearts around his name like I did in junior high, even 20 years later.
Thankful for my home and belongings... even the piles of unwashed laundry and cheerios scattered on the floor.
Thankful to God for giving me what I have, don't have... and for his love and mercy.

Yeah, there are things I think could be better, or things I want, or things I can be selfish about, but I really am thankful and really do believe that even in times of adversity, struggle, or just plain ol' suck-ass days... I can and should be thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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