Friday, January 7, 2011

21 years and counting...

Barely dipping the tips of our toes into the sea of 2011 and we already have reason to celebrate!
Today marks a 21 year anniversary for the hubby and I. 21 years! If our anniversary were a person, he'd be all grown up and legal to party! ;-)~

21 years... dude, a lot goes on in 21 years. On one hand it seems like the time has flown by in the blink of an eye, on the other hand, I can really close my eyes and start back-tracking through the years and am overcome with every emotion you can think of in reliving so many many.

Of course there have been bad memories, there are truly no perfect "Leave it to Beaver" June and Ward Cleaver marriages, they do not exist, and if so, cannot be healthy relationships. Sometimes the imperfect, translates into perfect. As a whole, in looking at the big picture, any not so great times in our relationship are so mild and fade away in comparrison to the good thats been. The sweetness and pure joy that I have experienced, I wish on anyone lucky enough to find their true love in life. We have cried, comforted, laughed, loved and lived. We have shared so much and continue to. You know its right when asked if you would do it again, all of it? You answer, "yes!" in a heartbeat. Looking forward to the years to come. It only gets better.

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