Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year & we are blessed...

Here it is... 2011. I just now got used to writing 2010 on everything and now this?! Another year has flown by. We were blessed in many ways in 2010.

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Captured: one of those magical sibling moments when they are in their own little world.

Hubby and I were blessed in 2010 with celebrating 20 years together learning what makes each other tick. Moving into year 21... *singing* "Celebrate good times, come on..."

Big Little is of course an adult now... or at least that is what the law tells us. I still refuse to believe our 19 year old is, in fact, 19. She is a beautiful being. I love her so.

Middle Little continues to thrive and grow into this beautiful little soul that makes me so proud to be her momma. I love her precious self. I cannot believe this new year, our girl will be turning the big 3!

Littlest Little came into our lives in 2010 and we will never be the same. I learned after his birth, when we thought we may be looking at some serious health issues with him, the anguish and heartache a momma feels when something could be "wrong" with your child is just about unbearable. I can honestly say, that time period after his birth was probably one of the worst times emotionally in my life. (This rates right up there with the emergency room/hospital stay for our oldest in November 2002 and for the hubby in 2010... a very tough time and one that makes you think about a lot of things and how short life truly is. So important to LIVE every day.) Joshua is perfect. A happy healthy roly-poly little butterball of a boy. I love him. We have watched him grow too fast over the last year and are enjoying watching all of his "firsts". We have a birthday coming up right around the corner!

For now though...we start the year off right with friends, fun & food. Not a bad start to the new year really.

Bowling with Church friends, then to our Pastor's home for pizza/dessert and more playtime.

Lesson learned: Do not give a toddler an entire bag of M&Ms. To say she was more hopped up than a leprechaun who's found their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is an understatement. Here we see Middle Little on a mass sugar high taking off down the bowling lane and Daddy catching her. There should be a warning label on M&M packages. Took a good hour for the sugar high to wear off enough that she was actually showing up in photographs again and not just a colorful blur.

Speaking of high... I must have been, but I like bowling shoes. Something about wearing shoes that look like they belong on a circus clown's feet and looking around the room to see everyone else wearing the same hideous shoes...makes me smile. Least they updated their bowling shoes, and these were a fashinable green versus the red, white and blue numbers they had for years.

See the beautiful shades of pinks/oranges and burgundy?
Yes, because we are a fashionable team of women bowlers.
This is serious game.

Our most handsome score keeper, Clenton Jr., who was also an excellent bowler.

Strike for Daddy!

Then time to turn in our super cool Jolly Green Giant colored
bowling shoes and head out for pizza and more play.

Hanging out at the Pastor's house...
They have the coolest old house, kind of this Secret Garden type antique treasure. See the wood beams in the dining room? That whole wall/ceiling at the dining table is made up of windows overlooking a beautiful private lawn. To be able to eat dinner under the stars no matter what the weather is just too totally awesome.

Cutie-pie Clenton was kind enough to share his toys...

Even the big kids played...

Goodbye 2010. You were a pretty good year. There were heart-wrenching trials, lessons learned, indescribable joys and lots of love shared. Looking forward to the new year and what it will bring us.

Happy New Year & God Bless Us All!
New years resolution... to see how much more I can suck out of life this year.
Mental note: I need a "bucket list".

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