Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa lights...

Two days post-Christmas and we are still trying to enjoy the season. I always get sad the day after Christmas... all those store aisles with their clearance sales of broken candy canes, holiday shirts and gingerbread scented candles at 50% off, no more bell ringers or holiday music at the stores, people go back to their hurried selves... its just, sad. Not quite ready to let it all go for the year yet. Seeing the wonder and excitement for the Littles makes me want to drag it out all year and make every day Christmas. So suck out every last drop of Christmas bliss, I will. (Maybe Middle Little takes after her momma with all her asking several times a day if she can "open my number doors?!" She apparently does not understand that the Advent calendar only lasts until Christmas eve, and alas so do the tiny chocolate surprises behind each door.)

I wasn't feeling too great when I got home from work and had decided that maybe it wasn't such a good time to go look at Christmas lights at one of our local drive-through displays. After all, they would be open until Dec. 31st, so I still had a few days left. Once I walked into the house, I was greeted by a super energized wee girl dancing around and chanting "I'm ready to see Santa lights, I'm ready to see Santa lights!!!" (Daddy had already fed the Littles and had them ready and waiting... we love our Daddy). As bad as I felt, after seeing her, how could I let her down? I couldn't. So, a quick wardrobe change from office clothes to snuggly jammies for all of us, and we were ready to be dazzled by "Santa lights"....and dazzled we were.

Two babies in warm jammies and one momma in velvety soft polka dot jammies = comfort.

After a quick stop to pick up some hot chocolate, we were on our way.

Middle Little was thrilled that she got to actually sit in the front seat with mom and dad to see the lights (I had to explain to her that this was the only time she could do this. We were on a private road and driving 5 miles an hour pretty much). Her little face was priceless. The twinkle in her eyes, lips turned up into shy grin and the glow around her face in the dark was beautiful. I cannot even describe the look, it was this dreamlike look... all unicorns, butterflies and rainbows kind of stuff. Poor Littlest Little, he slept through the whole thing (again - just like his visit with Santa), that's okay though, I am quite sure some of the magic absorbed into his warm sleeping little body.

My favorite parts of the evening... when we hit the nativity scene area. I am pointing out Mary and Joseph, etc... and Abbie starts yelling "I see Jesus, I see Jesus!". I say "Where honey?" She points to a huge bush covered in blue lights... this big blue glowing blob and again says "I see Jesus!"   I do too my little sugar pie plum.

Then listening to her recount her evening once we got home... how the reindeer jumped over the car, the lights flying and the light monster (the abominable snowman)... her enthusiasm is contagious.

It really was unicorns , butterlies and rainbows.... magically delicious.


Merry two days after Christmas...

...and to all a goodnight.

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