Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh how I love Christmas....

Christmas morning has arrived... I dont know who was more excited, me, the Littles, or daddy.
Daddy was the first one awake. I think he was checking to make sure Santa closed up the fireplace nice and snug upon exiting... you know, gotta' conserve energy in the house.  ;-) Daddy woke up Middle Little and brought her into the bed, she was so tired still and rather grumpy. She wanted to be left in the bed. Once we told her we thought Santa had shown up, she was ready to scope out the situation. Coffee is brewing and ear to ear smiles have begun.

What's this?! Yes, Santa had been here... refreshments gone amd note left...

What kind of fun did Santa bring us?!

"On the Night You Were Born" - Abbie's book
"Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You" - Josh's book. 
Precious stories, made me cry.

Could it be? Did Santa really bring what she asked for?!

Hooray! The Littles both got a Bilibo from Santa! (Bilibo - An award winning, use your imagination, cool multi-use toy = an expensive piece of plastic.)

Daddy opening a gift Santa brought him...
Long story, but you have never seen a man more affected by an antique fruitcake tin full of old buttons. It was beautiful really.

The super fun "Rody" horse! I even hopped on it for a test run (believe it or not, this little guy holds up to 400 pounds)! Every kid should have one of these, talk about getting some energy out!

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mike sent some super fun stuff all the way from Michigan!
We love you guys!

We had such a great Christmas! Santa was good to us. We have been so blessed. 2010 was a good year, looking forward to next year. I already have ideas in mind for next Christmas! Call me crazy, but I am getting a jump start on 201l. I am so sad to see Christmas winding down. Time to start getting the house back together and preparing for the next event... hmmm, anniversary, birthdays, Valentine's, St, Paddy's, Mardis Gras, Oh my!!! The list goes on...

The aftermath... the tiny terrorists have been at it again.  (I noticed... whats the deal with the air up valve located where it is on our "Rody"? Haha! Quite appropriate I guess. ;-)

What a beautiful Christmas!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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