Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tasty Little Holiday Nuggets

Some random little nuggets as we cruise through the holiday season...

We had a visit with some of our dearest friends and celebrated Christmas with our Littles.

Precious Hannah and her mommy.

Scoping out the dollhouse Abbie got from her friend. Much fun!

Hannah opening gifts... in normal kid fashion the wrapping is more fun thatn whats inside! ;-)

Putting coins in her piggy bank...

She is a little angel... we love her.

Josh enjoying the train he received from his friend Hannah, although the way he kept scoping her out, I think he has a secret crush. ;-)

Abbie received shoes from a couple co-workers (this kid loves her some shoes). A dear friend bought her a gorgeous pair of little Lelli Kelly sneakers, and she also received a pair of cute little sweater boots.

Joshua received an adorable Kenneth Cole jean outfit from a dear friend... an adorable t-shirt with guitar silkscreened, coordinating plaid long sleeve button down and a pair of big boy jeans.To say he will be handsome in it is an understatement. This boy will rock this outfit.

The cute-ness they are when they know that you're looking...

The things they do when they don't think you're looking...

Checking for any updates on Santa via the NORAD Santa tracker.
(At 2, she is extremely computer literate... its scary.)

Not much longer... Santa is on his way!
Silent night, holy night.... sleep in heavenly peace.

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