Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthdays!

May 31st marked the 1st birthday of "Hope's Focus"! Yes, my little space to ramble and share little bits of my family has turned one! Awwwwwe.

Of course you cannot have a birthday without celebrating or recognizing it in some form or fashion. So as Middle Little says "Were having a pool pizza party!" (While her little feet happily dance her around in circles.)
Yes, Daddy filling up the kiddy pools... ordering pizza... and having a homeade "birthday" cake, were all it took to make this momma (actually all of us) smile!

Good times.

Because one kiddie pool is not enough... yes, its a kiddie-land water park. Go big or go home!

Speaking of birthdays.... mine was great. Getting older sucks, yes. There are pros and cons to it, the biggest pro for me though... I got to celebrate one more year with those I love, what's better than that? I was spoiled and shown lots of love on my day.

I loved the fact that my birthday cake was covered in sprinkles! (Hubby despises sprinkles and has threatened to throw out all the sprinkles in the house. He says not everyone loves sprinkles like I do. Don't be a sprinkle hater honey.) Dear friends showed up with a sprinkle covered cake, which made me laugh at the fact that it was "sprinkled'. They brought me beautiful roses, wine, chocolates and spa goodies! So sweet... love them!

My "gifts"...

Received candy, gift cards, new shoes, and perfume.... I felt so spoiled. Then this happened....

I've wanted a pool for several years now. I figured getting a pool in our postage stamp sized backyard was going to be reserved for day dreaming. Hubby was leaving the house to go pick up my birthday present and when he returned, would not let me in the backyard for several hours. He would come in periodically drenched in sweat and ask for a glass of water. After a few hours, he came in, had me pour a glass of wine, and grab hold of his arm with my eyes closed while he guided me into the backyard. I opened my eyes to one of the most beautiful sights ever. My pool. My oasis, my tropical paradise...yeah, yeah, okay, thats a little overboard... the point is I like it. I love it. This man spent hours shopping for, digging out the power tools, constructing a wood deck to level out a swimming pool, and setting it up before dragging me blindly outside to rock my world. Sighhhh, I love him so.  (He said he had planned something different for my birthday, but as he was leaving, I made the comment "its hot out here, I wish we had a pool", he said he knew when he left, that was it, he was going to make it happen.)

I now have a place to relax, cool off, pretend I am in Jamaica with a fruity drink, and watch my Littles howl with laughter while turning into water logged little raisins.  The smell of the pool in the backyard air is, well.... its good. 

I do believe he is done swimming... this is the "pick me up now!" face...

On to the next celebration! :-)

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