Monday, June 27, 2011

Staycation / Daycation

Sometimes its good to get away, even if that means you travel far away in a make believe vacation. Sometimes a daycation/staycation (aka - an at home day vacation), makes for a fun-ny day! Some of my best times ever are spent at home relaxing and enjoying life. Besides, the tiki torch filled with keep away bug juice, cabana lights, summer attire, popsicles and water sprinklers say its full blown summer and its time to chill out.

After a trip to the grocery store Saturday morning, and my discoverying I was missing a bag of groceries and trekking back to the grocery store to retrieve my lost bag of loot, it was time to relax. (Apparently this was some kind of cosmic thing, because they did the same thing to the hubby and forgot to place some of the items in his bag at Home Depot, which he had to make a trip back to the store to collect.)

Had a lovely weekend. We swam until our fingers and toes looked like shriveled prunes (and upon getting my swimsuit on, Abbie informed me I had a "big ol' butt"... ahhhh, the truth of a toddler). Speaking of swimsuits, Abbie loves her newest addition to her swim attire collection. Big Sister gave her a frilly fru-fru pink tutu swim suit, that she wants to wear everytime.

Its the tutu... makes her feel like "ballet" she says.

Loving our pool this year...

Reminds me so much of his daddy here when he was a baby...

My gorgeous little mermaid...

Handsome little water baby... my pool boy in training.

Nothing says chillin' and relaxing like going to the spa... so Sunday we pretended like we were at the day spa. Abbie LOVES a spa day. This time we went all out. Something about a toddler decked out in her bath robe with a chocolate face mask on and cucumbers on her eyes lounging is hysterical to me. We lit a chocolate candle (ambiance), gathered pedicure items, and I gave her a small plate of juicy strawberries and glass of mango juice (or mingo juice, as she calls it) for a spa snack. I spoke to her as if she were a spa client and she was hillarious. She told me as she was reclined with her mask on and fingers soaking in warm soapy water, that it was "so relaxing". Once I cleaned off her mask and gave her a facial massage with lotion, she informed me she was "feeling so young". Gotta love it. Next time she wants Daddy to got to the "spa" with her. ;-)

Spa refreshments...

Behold, relaxation at its finest (before she ate the cucumbers off her face).

Sunday night, we pretended we were camping. Abbie's little pink pop up tent was already out so we drug blankets and pillows inside, a small basket filled with marshmellows, chocolate, juice, a couple books and a flashlight. We peered through the mesh top at the stars (flickering flame candles Daddy put in the celing light) and read books by flashlight while eating our camp grub.  Fun way to wrap up our weekend "vacation".

Check it out... even the stuffed animal friends were chillin' out over the weekend (daddy told Abbie to pick up her animals and upon inspecting the job, this is what was found).

I hope everyone is finding time to relax this Summer! July 4th fun coming up! :-)

..... and this one just for the sweetness factor.

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