Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fried Carnival

Come one, come all, to the freaky fried food carnival...   
Welcome to our Saturday family hangout! Yes, games, colorful decorations, carnival foods and sugary treats await!

Throw in a few colorful balloons...

Of course the candy coated pretzels... an event staple. (An anytime staple... delicious!)

Abbie & Josh helped decorate with their specially crafted princess & cowboy wood people.

Hot dogs, nachos & cotton candy.... oh my!

Our biggest Little's boyfriend mentioned he wanted to try a fried twinkie like at the state fair. So, after a trip to collect the ingredients and a quick recipe search on the net... we were frying frozen twinkies in no time.

The fried twinkie is delicious. After eating it, you can actually hear your arteries clog and your cholesterol rise.

We fried twinkies, a chili pepper (?), some pickles, a shrimp... then Cassidy (big Little) decided she was going to fry a batter dipped strawberry. Looked good enough, until she cut into it. That ripe red gorgeous berry somehow turned into a pale tasteless glob of goop.

That good eh?

Fun, laughs, full tummys and one went home sick from all the garbage junk food eaten (sorry Carson)!
Carnival day was good.
Fall is coming...  ;-)

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