Monday, September 5, 2011

The Wickle

My biggest Little: "I have to introduce you to a friend of mine. its called the wickle..."

Me (Mom): "What? A wickle?! Wicki wicki wickle.....check, check out my melody....(sorry carried away rapping) Hmmmmm, interesting! What in the world is it?!"

Behold, the Wickle. A new BFF. A tasty little morsel of sweet, hot and just right seasoning. I am in love.  (Apparently so is my daughter, as she has gone through several jars in a week.)

After tasting a jar, it was a must... a MUST, that we went to the store right away and bought some more jars. Then an idea; what if we made our very own?! A few minutes of internet research and we were off on a hunt for ingredients.

Of course we had to purchase a few more jars of Wickles for taste testing purposes.

Ingredients used:
whole dill pickles sliced thick
organic sugar
organic garlic
whole dried red chili peppers
a large jar of jalepenos

...then we just kind of poured, taste tested and eyeballed the recipe (then let them sit for 7 days).

Big Little my mad kitchen scientist.

Voila'. I present, the "Hickle" (the homemade Wickle).
Not quite as tasty as the original Wickle, but pretty damn good.

After a long day of shopping and standing in a store line for 2 hours (we are determined), we created delicious sub sandwiches that of course included, the Wickle.

Sighhhh, in love with a pickle.

Purchase Wickles online here: (and a few other tasty goodies)

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