Saturday, October 1, 2011

F*ck Cancer!

(My apology for any profanity ahead of time... cancer does not deserve any respect.)

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month. The month to focus on boobies and the nasty "c" word and to give support, encouragement and respect to those going through breast cancer and those that have been through it. Whether you donate to a cancer fund, do a walk, sport some pink, or pray really hard for a cure... show your support! (Don't forget, breast cancer is not just a woman's disease, nor is it an age thing. It can strike anyone at any time. Do your booby checks, mammograms, and if you see or feel something is "off" have it checked out!)

 I say f*ck cancer.
(any cancer)

Sporting my pink and praying for a world without cancer.

Some information/resources...

On a completely different note,

Company bowling tournament... team name "Strike Queens"  - aka - "Can't Bowl".  Yes, I suck at real bowling (I can whoop some booty in Wii bowling though!) Had a lot of fun designing our team shirts (and several other teams), trash talking the other teams and then the actual game!

The shirt.

So much glitter in my hair it was like a disco ball...and a teeny tiny
My mean Queen game face!

...and the shirt back, "Off with their heads!"

Musnt forget our cheer team... "The Queen's Court".

After the game and a hot shower to remove as much glitter as possible (Ill be seeing glitter for weeks).... a nice, and much needed thunderstorm hit....

I sure didn't win at bowling, but the lightning show in the air sure kicked ass!

Maybe next time we will have a company paintball tournament... or roller derby! Oooooh yeah....

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