Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spook or Be Spooked

All right... fright night is just around the corner! Now to cram as much as I possibly can into the next 20 days! Halloween crafts, baking, costume finishing touches, breaking out every orange & black outfit we have and watching as many scary movies as possible! Were off to a good start....

Hubby planted some Fall flowers...

Okay, so hubby didn't plant these... these are our creepy Fall mushrooms that have taken over the yard like a Zombie apocolypse. I swear they are making their way to the front door.

Speaking of creepy... I climbed up in the dark dusty attic all by myself last night while the hubby was visiting a friend.  While I decided, as I sometimes do, that I wasn't going to do much for Halloween... well, it's like a crack addict. I can't not at least do some. I went in for some Fall vines/foliage and came out dragging boxes of Halloween decor. Threw a few items in the backyard and once the hubby got home, his holiday freak flag was flying too as he went back into the attic and retrieved the fog machine and laser light show. (Side note, came home from work today and he had gone back into the attic for more.)

The before and after fogger paint job... (hubby painted this thing many years ago for our annual costume parties... paint was peeling/missing, so he decided it needed a makeover. Yeah, he can't ever say a word to me about my holiday excitement... he can be just as bad. ;-)~ I love it.

See the glowing eyes... yes, another hubby holiday craft.

Once night fell last night, we took the kids out in the yard to have a peek. I knew when the hubby snuck past me with a costume in hand towards his workshop/storage building.... well, the next picture says it all.  (Note unsuspecting child in foreground.... we may be paying for therapy in the future.) Yes, the Halloween shenanigans have begun. Paybacks a b****.    ;-)   

On a sweeter note... sweet as in, check out these suuuuhweet crocheted beanies that my most awesome-ly talented cousin Katie in Washington made for the Littles! I LOVE them!!!! (So do they... Josh cried when I tried to take his off and had to wear it in the house for awhile.)

There is a lovely moon out tonight... just right for howling at, moonbathing, or sneaking up on some unsuspecting soul in the soft glow of the moon.... spook or be spooked! Fun ahead!

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