Friday, November 25, 2011

Erection Day!

This is my favorite time... the last quarter of the year. With October's costume planning/scary movies/sugar overloads, then November's time for Fall colors/giving thanks/delicious meals/friends and family, then there is.... the magic of December. The beautiful end of a full year. The sights/sounds/smells and the smiling happy faces...and the anticipation of what that jolly old elf Santa will bring us under our tree, is.... electrifying.

We celebrate our Lord's birthday this month!

Today, the tree is erected. Yes, the enormously rousing "erection day". (Sounds kind of dirty doesnt it? Erecting the tree does bring me great pleasure.) Day after Thanksgiving the morning coffee is made, cinnamon rolls hot from the oven and Christmas tree trimmings brought down from the attic.

I love this martini mixing Santa.

The tree this year? Use #101 for a Pez dispenser... cover your Christmas tree in them.
(Got about 90 of them on the tree before my hands got tired of wiring them on.)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Looking forward to friends and family, big warm sweaters, knee socks, late night gift wrapping, delicious deserts, Christmas light drive throughs, the annual picture with Santa, baking cookies and everything else that comes with it!

Most of all, celebrating the birth of Jesus! What a birthday to celebrate!

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