Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful...

I wonder how many people truly are "thankful" in every sense of the word? Give thanks everyday... no matter who you are or where you are in life, there is always something to be thankful for, even the smallest of things. I am thankful and blessed in so many ways.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast! We are now flying towards seeing that old familiar fat guy in red.
Woo-hoo! The lights, baking smells, sounds and little lit up happy faces are a wonderful climax to the end of a full year!

Now its time to get the tree up and tune the radio in to Chrsitmas tunes (which by the way, the radio in my car  has been for several days before Thanksgiving hit... found by accident, I was beside myself when I heard the Grinch Christmas tune fill my cars interior.... one word... awesome). Oh the crafts, the baking, the gift wrapping, seeing family and friends... can I get a hell yeah?!

Speaking of crafts, my cousin in Washington crochets the most fabulous beanies/hats for newborns-adults (look for her on Facebook - "The Hat Rack"), she inspired me to try out a hat of my own... after several choice words and ripping the yarn stitches apart several times... two days later I ended up with one cupcake hat that my oldest is now the owner of. (My cousin made this look so easy! Well its not. She is just really talented.)

Tutorial for cupcake beanie found HERE 

Now I am off into the abyss of holiday greatness!
So very thankful...

First fire of the season.... love.

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