Friday, September 17, 2010

All decked out...

I had my mind set on a small covered deck for our postage stamp sized back yard, something I could use for the kids to play on, do some outdoor yoga on, use for some natural light photography when needed, but more so just to hang out with the fam.

The hubby, well, he loves me, what can I say. Without question, he was up for the task and ready to saw, drill and hammer to make this momma happy. He spent hours at the hardware store going through three pallets of lumbar to pick the perfect boards, free from ink stamps and as straight as he could find. A labor of love.

I should have posted about it when he built it a couple weekends ago, but didnt (shame on me). Have been enjoying it as much as I can... will be better once the weather gets cooler and the mosquitos leave. Now I am on a mission to find the perfect patio swing and cushions to swing bundled up Littles on and sip coffee in the cooler months. Oh, and I cannot forget the draped cabana lights... I'll need some of those too, to complete  the ambiance.This will grow into my "vacation  staycation" area. My own little private island.

 The ground breaking...

Something about watching him work with his hands and build. Tough, strong hands that at the same time, are soft and gentle. It is beautiful. I have always loved watching him use his hands, whether it is building/repairing, playing the guitar, cooking, giving a good hug, or comforting and sweetly wiping the nose of a crying wee one, etc.. It is amazing what a persons hands can do in a lifetime.

Daddy's little helper and supervisor.

My score, found at Target on clearance... $25.00 for an outdoor rug!!!
Woo-hoo, yeah baby, I was stoked!

And about 8 hrs from start to finish... Dad's hard work. We spent the evening playing on it. Abbie showed us it's also her entertaining stage too... yes, cant wait to get that patio swing up and cabana lights to sit back and watch her sing and dance on her lit up stage.

Watching (supervising) Daddy water plants...

Thank you honey... I love my special island and I love you.

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