Sunday, September 19, 2010

Standing room only...

This is of the weekend, he stands and now cruises the furniture (insert Chariots of Fire music and lots of applause here). Oh how my heart skips a beat with pure joy and a proudness only a parent knows, and at the same time a deep sadness that he is in fact, growing up, no matter how hard I try to close my eyes and "will" him to slow down. Littlest Little has now decided that any room he is in, is a standing room only. He will inch worm his way to whatever he can find in a room to pull his little self up with a huge smile on his cherubic little face. He decided that learning to crawl was a waste of time I guess. He does his little inch-worm crawl... kind of pushing himself up into a push-up stance and then flinging his roly poly body forward. Well, I say that, later on in the night, he decided to just pick it up and crawl as if he knew how to do it all along. Not long now, and he will be upright walking on his two pudgy little feet. By Christmas perhaps, he will graduate to a walker.

Houston, I do believe we are ready for take off.

Josh is fascinated with the computer on the fireplace (there for the kids to play with). He likes to hit the buttons on the keyboard and knows where the button is to put the PC to sleep. He will hit the button and look at me and I will "wake" the computer up, and he will hit the button to make it go to sleep again and smile. 

Before I know it, he will be grown... a man. No longer a wee one to cradle and delight in his "newness" any more. That newb stage doesnt linger for very long... in a flash it is gone. Oh, how sad that makes me to think about. At the same time, I am excited to see where he goes in life. And, I don't care how old he is, he is my baby. For now I just enjoy every second, all of it.

So important to snap up moments any chance you can, freezing them in time. Rather, documenting life as it speeds by. I want to be surrounded by photos to spark the details in my memory when I am old and gray. I want to not only remember when my Littles did their "firsts", or everyday life adventures with family and friends, I want to keep these visual moments forever, then pass them on.

{This post's tune: "When I'm 64" ~ The Beatles}

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