Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday I'm in love...

I have the old Cure song running through my head 'It's Friday I'm in Love" today. Why this song... well duh, one it's Friday, but two, how can you not be in love when your significant other makes sure the world knows he is in love with you. Just give him an area of wet cement and watch the love unfold. (Seriously, these little tidbits of artwork are a running collection of graffiti that span several years and cities. Yeah, shame on him... don't do this at home kids. But, isnt that sweet? :-)

On my way to work, I hate traffic. Even worse though... seeing these big ol' bad boys ride up your butt. Hello, do you have to get so close?

I don't know why I got such a kick out of this sign this particular day. Perhaps because I happen to be snapping pictures of the big rig that decided to follow me so close I swear he could have been a passenger in my car.

Once on the job... time for a quick breakfast. Yes, breakfast of champions. Cup o' Joe and some orange flavored cupcakes. I do not know why I purchased these for breakfast... well okay maybe I do, I craved these while pregnant with Littlest Little and liked them then, figured I'd try them again.  After eating them, I happen to take a look at the package... WTH?! I just consumed HOW many calories?! Why in the world they would put two cupcakes in these packages for me to eat, only to read the package after the fact to find I just consumed two servings and more calories than should be legally allowed in a couple of cupcakes! Bastards. They got me. I could have had a full course breakfast.

Gotta' love casual Fridays at work. Had a laugh when my co-worker put her jacket on as pants cause she was freezing her heinie off. I don't know... kinda' catchy, like a throw back from the MC Hammer pants days. "Can't touch this..." (I have great co-workers... never cease to put a smile on my face.)

Office signage is important, it tells you what you need to know.
Best part about this sign, see the two black squiggles on the bottom?
Those my friends, are worms, complete with little faces.
We have some talented artists around here let me tell ya.

I'm pretty sure she was not telling me she would be with me in five minutes. ;-)
Man, some artists sure are temperamental.

Another work week down, now off into the weekend I go.
Fun stuff this weekend... birthday party at Chuck E Cheese,
Abbie's playdate with her friend Hannah, and lovin' on some Littles.
More pictures to come.... good times.

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