Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He speaks!

Warning ~ Proud Mom moment...
Be-still my heart. My son spoke... yes, he said it, the word that makes all proud Moms instantly melt into a puddle of the warm fuzzies. My boy said "Momma". I cannot begin to describe the swelling of the heart with love when your Little calls your name out for the first time. It turns a regular day into something extraordinary! My girls both said "Dada" first. Not this little guy, nope... he chose me to "speak to" first. (Holds my hand over my heart and sighs with a smile.) Dad says he kept telling him he better say Momma first, after all, I am the milk supply. ;-) Now that he speaketh, there will be no silencing his little voice, and that is fine with this Momma. I cannot wait till the first time he says "I love you Momma". I know when Abbie says it, she melts her Daddy and I into a big puddle of "you can have just about anything you want at that moment".

I cannot believe around this time last year this was my Son (My Son. I like the way that sounds). Nestled all cozy inside baking to perfection, while Momma, Daddy and Sister were loving him from the outside (I will never forget how Abbie would pull my shirt up and put her doll bottle in my belly button and tell me she was feeding her brother).

 Now here we are, getting closer to a year later. I feel like just yesterday I was cradling him and taking in every detail of his tiny face while whispering "Hello handsome, I love you" in the birthing tub. Where does the time go?

Gotta' go, Littlest Little is climbing in my lap as I type sharing the tiniest nibbles of cake with me... his Momma. :-)

{This post's tune: "Loves me like a rock" ~ Paul Simon}

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