Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time to say goodbye.

I have never been one to be into material things. I know things come and go, and truly do not belong to us. We have to enjoy and appreciate what we have while we have it kind of thing. But this, yes this...

I do not know what it is about this car that makes me love it so. But I do love it so. Maybe its the first material thing in my life that I wanted so badly I actually cried and begged to have it for days. I did, I researched and absorbed anything I could about this piece of red metal on wheels... and when I thought it was out of my reach, I cried for days some more. When he became part of my family (yes, "he"), it was as if a new baby had been born and it was all mine to touch, smell and enjoy every inch of.

I cannot even describe how he makes me feel when I slide into his leather seats and he cradles me perfectly. If only the screen your looking at had scratch and sniff capabilities.... I would so share the indescribable leather infused with Desert Jasmine scent that fills the interior. (For the longest time, the guys that work at the local O'reilly auto part store knew me by name from walking into the store once a week and throwing my Desert Jasmine "car perfume" up on the counter. If they were out, they'd tell me not to worry, they had it on order for me.) I love the smell of his insides... I even roll the windows down in the heat just so the air circulates through the car and kicks the smell up a notch. *Deep breath in*

When I sit in this car, the drivers seat hugs me and form fits to every curve... the headrest sits just where it should to rest my head. The whole car was surely made just for me... the seat belt lays across me perfectly, my feet rest in the floor board comfortably, everything is within my reach without stretching out and looking to find it. The climate controlled inside is like travelling across town relaxed in your living room. The steering of this car is unlike anything else I've driven, it goes so smoothly where you want him to. Turning corners just, well, just "feels good". You barely steer to go where you want to go, it is so fluid. I feel like I could control the car with my eyes closed and a bit of mental telepathy.

This car took me many places, I labored comfortably in this car on the way to the birthing center with Middle Little and brought her home in it. Everywhere I went in this car I was mesmerized by the low growl he made while traveling down the streets. I swear if I just sit quitely and look at the hood really closely, I can see him alive and breathing.

 1994 Nissan - 300 ZX, Stage 4, which means not only do the exterior mods make the car
look sexy, the engine mods make this one fast ass car. Even sitting still looks fast.

Nothing lasts forever. It is time for me to say goodbye. As much as I want to keep him, I cannot. There is no longer room in my life for him. The Littles cannot safely ride in this car, and they come first (our other family car recently decided to just die). As much as I love my car, I love them more. Much more.

We now have a new family car. While it is really nice and I appreciate it, it just doesnt make me feel the same as "he" does. ;-) He is going to a new home in the next few days. Hopefully the man he is going to live with will love him just as much as I have, and will take good care of him. A piece of him will stay behind with me, and I'm thinking a tiny piece of me might go with him. I'll miss everything about it... in the words of Dr. Seuss  (cause you know I'm all about Seussisms) ~ "Dont Cry Because its over, smile because it happend." Yeah, what the hell, I cried... I'm not going to lie... I bawled like a spoiled brat. But, life goes on. Now, to settle in with the new car and see what kind of relationship we will have. ;-)

{This post's tunes:  "Everybody got their something" ~ Nikka Costa & "Drive" ~ Incubus}

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