Monday, October 4, 2010

Mine no more.

He is gone. :-( Can you hear me gently sobbing and wiping the sniffles away?)

As of today, he is mine no more. I was at work when the man came to get him. I'm glad, as I probably would have refused to hand over the title without tearing it up and doing a little dance while singing in a Mad Hatter sort of way, "It's mine, It's mine" before jumping in the car and driving off as fast as I could. Hubby saved the original key for me as a keepsake (although refuses to give me the mans address that bought him ;-). As stupid as it sounds, its my little piece of him.

On the way home from work late last night, I smelled the Desert Jasmine car perfume that hubby put in the new car for me (I think he feels sorry for me and is trying to "help")... it made me cry. Its okay though, last night going to bed, I listened to the recording on my phone I made of the cars low growl as I drove it and it lulled me to sleep. It's going to be okay. It was mine, I enjoyed it, now its time for someone else to enjoy him. Im glad I had the chance.

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