Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's here!

It is that time of year again... that magical time of cool crisp air, watching the trees turn dazzling shades of golds, ambers and ruby reds, the smells of sweetness baking in the kitchen and time to pour over catalogs to search for the best Halloween costumes ever!

I love Fall. Seriously, love. The weather is beautiful here. It's that time when you can wear sweaters at just the right times and sip hot cocoa, and also walk out to collect the mail in short sleeves without freezing your heinie off. Its that time of year when I begin to really look around the inside of the house and decide there is much too much "stuff", and everything is so disorganized and we need to throw everything out and start over (okay not really, but sometimes I daydream about doing it). I guess the shift in weather from outside weather to staying inside hibernating weather makes me feel the need to gut the house and reorganize.

But more importantly after the reorganizing the house phase passes, we start thinking about what scrumptious goodies to bake, what dazzling crafts we will make, what kind of costumes we will wear (Which by the way, Middle Little has decided she wants to be a character from an 80's cartoon... more on that later. I love this girl!), and what each of our annual pumpkins will be carved to look like (Daddy is the master pumpkin carver around here, last year he was up till 3a.m. carving away).

Speaking of master pumpkin creators around here... behold, Abbie's 3 eyed pumpkin.

Fall colored paper chains crafted by Middle Little and hung with care.

Fall is also the season there is this change in the air, not just weather, but people. People seem to start getting a little more "people oriented" (more patient, friendly, and have better manners). I didnt say all people, but truly, around this time of year, people seem to start chillin' out a bit more. (Maybe it really is the chill in the weather?) As we get closer to Thanksgiving (YUM!) and Christmas (Oh the joy!), a lot of people just seem to get more relaxed in the way they treat others. It's just a happy time for many. I LOVE this time of year (don't think I mentioned that).

So while we are heading into the Fall season, we will continue:


 Learning to walk & explore...

Growing... (cruising the furniture like a pro, 5 teeth through
the gums now & eating smidgions of this and that ;-)

Rockin' the knee socks/tights/leg warmers....

Daddy continues watering the plants outside to keep them green, enjoying them until the last moment before they are taken to the greenhouse for a warm rest during the colder months.

We will continue being silly (because squeezing a Mommy, a toddler and a wee one in the
bathtub all together is just, well, silly - and quite frankly, not happening again) and
we will continue loving each other more and more through the seasons...

I say goodbye to the summer, yes, goodbye to your hot, humid, and sweaty days and nights... and look forward to the cooler days ahead. Excited to see the leaves turn, celebrate Littlest Little's first year of holidays, watching Middle Little rock out her Halloween costume, baking delicious treats and devouring them, late nights outside sipping hot chocolate wearing tall socks and bulky sweaters while thinking about what to do next in preparation of the upcoming holidays, and most importantly celebrate the seasons spending time with family. I love this. Gettin' my Fall party on...

{This post's tunes: "Dynamite" ~ Taio Cruz & "Beauty in the World" ~ Macy Gray}

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