Monday, August 30, 2010

Because they have to...

...grow up and become big people.

I swear she walks better in heels than I do!

Yes, law of nature, everything must age. On one hand, I really enjoy watching little people grow and learn, It is fascinating to see where they are going in life. On the other hand, it makes me so sad that they grow SO fast. I wish at times there is a pause button I could simply click on and just freeze time. I want to relish every single moment in every single day because I know there will come that time when it is all over with... we never know when that time will be. So very important to absorb everything you can out of life, make it what you want it to be. No one can stop you from being happy and sucking the joy out of life, if you let them, thats your own problem, they win and you lose. Life is not perfect, that is the beauty of it. Really. Savor life, own it, store up all the good moments you can to outweigh any bad that may come along.

With all that mumbo-jumbo being said... I WILL embrace and love the time I am given on this crazy spinning globe we live on. (Oh, and I will let my maturity level drop by half my age when needed. So when you see me in my yard planting candy to grow "candy trees" with my Littles, or see me dancing madly in my car at a stop light, or catch me watching cartoons, etc... I'm living it up.)

The growing never stops around here. Growing up means...

Teething and mastering the art of the mesh treat holder. Bananas anyone?

Growing up means... getting irritated with your little brother sometimes.

Growing up means...helping teach others how to do things you know how to do. ;-)

...and getting the hang of it.

Growing up means... recognizing you are getting bigger.

Growing up means... learning how things work.

Growing up means... sometimes you just gotta' cry when things don't go your way.

Growing up means... learning how to comfort and make someone else feel better.

Growing up means learning how to share, make messes and be silly!

Growing up means...learning a new skill, like drinking out of a cup, or stealing your sister's cup.

...or mastering a new skill like fingerpainting to have your
masterpiece's displayed in the prestigious kitchen gallery.

Growing up is learning to laugh and be laughed at.

Growing up means learning how to relax.

Growing up means figuring out who you are and finding your inner rock-star.

Because they have to grow up, for now, we take it one day at a time
 and just enjoy growing, learning and sleeping with the "veg-alls".

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