Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is...

Everybody needs love. It's one of those things a person HAS to have, like air/water/food. It is a necessity.
My weekend, was once again, full of love and things that make me smile.

Love is... living with and loving someone who knows when to hug you tight or to tell you "it's allright, everything is going to be okay", at just the right moment. Or having him declare he wants ice cream from a local ice cream shop late on a Friday night & you secretly did too (did he read my mind?). Love is knowing someone so well and loving them so much that you can almost read their minds. I live this daily and love it.

Love is... two precious babies, a sister and her baby brother, sharing the bathtub for the first time.  Playing together and loving each other (yeah okay, the occassional, "nooooo, bubby, leave my toy alone" in a screeching tone is a given and expected).  Oh those sweet tender little baby kisses though... it melts me.

Love is... Mr. Bubble bubble bath poured generously into a warm tub. Of course this means you must wear bubble hats and bubble beards. Then there is the soft comforting smell of baby shampoo that fills the air as you scrub little heads and make swirly-curly Q hairdos.

Love is... watching as your little one grows into a big boy right before your eyes and no longer needs his baby bath-tub (*wipes away tear*), instead uses a bath seat in the big people tub for the first time. Seeing the joy on his little face, and the wonder as he explores the tub from a new perspective. (Loving those wet feathery lashes and those tiny bunny teeth.)

Love is... everyone piling into the bed on a weekend morning all sleepy eyed and welcoming a new day together with smiles and giggles.

Love is... getting dressed on a Sunday morning to go to Church and praise our great and awesome God. Love is seeing little boys in plaid dress shirts, little girls in their Sunday best, and watching Middle Little be protective and watch over anyone who came near her baby brother.

Love is... a Daddy that can give a cuddly hug and say "I love you" and heal a sad little broken heart.

Love is... a little girl asking you to "play Pee-Pee Dolphin" any chance she gets (sorry FeFe Dobson... but the bright side is you have a two year old fan who really digs your music ;-), and then singing and dancing her little heart out. Watching her sing and dance can bring on a smile no matter who you are or what kind of day you're having.

Love is... the moon waking up and the nightly ritual of tucking little ones into bed (screaming melt-downs and all). Nightly kisses and making sure one's very important bucket of plastic "veg-alls" (plastic toy vegetables) are tucked into bed with you, before drifting off to dreamland. Something about watching someone you love sleep peacefully that is just wonderfully sweet. (Little sleeping feet peeking out of blankets is delicious.)
Love is... getting to work on a dreaded Monday morning to find one of Middle Little's tiny little pink heart stickers stuck to the footbed of a new pair of shoes (stickers are everywhere in our house)... a reminder of the love that is waiting for me when I return home. (It made me smile and I left it there.)

Each and every ordinary day, in every little ordinary detail, there is love to be felt and it is soul satisfying.
 Look for love in every moment, it's so good for you.

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