Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy 19th Big Little!

In the month of August 1991 a wee little girl was born... not just any ordinary girl... one of the most beautiful, healthy pink skinned, blue eyed little visions of lovely-ness a person ever saw... our girl.

We did not know you were going to be a girl until you were born... that was one of the most grand surprises and most awesome and emotional times in our lives, when they called out "It's a girl!" It was like opening one of most impressive gifts you could ever imagine after having to patiently wait and wonder for so long. It still brings me to tears when I think about the day you were born.

I remember as soon as they placed you in my arms and I looked at you and said "hello", we locked eyes and your tiny little rosebud lips turned up into a smile (I have a photo of this smile moments after you were born :-)... you had me. You were loved and planned/wanted before you were born, before you were you, but this was unlike any love you can imagine... this was a deep, "in love" love... instantly. The, I would kick anyone's ass that messes with you and die for you in a heartbeat type of love. 

I will never forget the tears and the smile on your dad's face the moment you were born and I told him "Happy Birthday" (you being born the day before your dad's birthday is very special to him and why he always asks every year if you are going to celebrate your birthdays together). When they took you to the nursery he followed along leaving me behind in the operating room. He was so proud of you and had to hand out cigars and tell anyone who would listen in the hospital hallways. I remember a lot about your birth-day, the day your precious soul was born. I can smell certain soaps/smells and it floods my memory with visions from that day. 

Here we are 19 years later... tiny little girl all grown up. A young adult, a woman... you will always be thought of as a little girl to us, don't care if you are 50 years old with grandkids of your own.

I can sit and think of so many things about you growing up so far, so many little details about you. So many.... I am going to have to sit down one day and write some of the things your dad and I remember and think about you as a little kid.

As all parents, we are not perfect.... there have been mistakes made and things as parents we regret, and for those things we are truly sorry. There are things that we are so proud of and memories that we store of you that are priceless and mean the world to us. We wish the best for you in life always. Know that we love you.  Wishing you a very Happy Birthday this month!

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