Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rapunzel, let down your hair...

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair....

Or maybe Cousin It's long lost relative from the Adam's Family show? It was time once again to whack off the locks and donate to the Locks of Love organization.

I walked into my stylists chair with the mess you see here. I didnt bother styling my hair, straightening, or putting it up in any way. Matter of fact, dont look at it, it's hideous....

Eva promptly got it into a braid and with a couple of snips, the braid was thrown onto the counter. My head was instantly 10 pounds lighter. (I always love that feeling.)

So for my sister-in-law, who asked for pics, here you go..... (yes, in all its crap camera phone glory - and ignore the prepping for work no make-up morning face please. Its really sad most of my pics are from a phone, I'm lazy about self portraits.)

Speaking of my sister-in-law. Take a look at these babies... yes, have I mentioned before that I like shoes? Thought I had. :-)  My super awesome sister-in-law picked these out and sent these to me from Michigan. (Again, pic quality sucks here... just a couple quick snaps before work. You get the idea.)

Wish the pics were better, then you could see the first pair of heels completely matches my top. How she did this, I don't know... but God love her, she rocks. The red heels... I have a thing for red heels... who doesnt? These are made out of a really cool canvas-y seat belt material. So thoughtful of her to send me these (along with a gorgeous silver necklace and earring set). I am truly blessed with a wonderful sister-in-law.  She really is a precious soul. Heart of gold. Shoes or no shoes, I love her to bits.

And yes, Michelle, I would gladly go on that obstacle course TV program with you that makes us laugh, and we would kick butt. 

* For those that are interested in giving back to someone who might need a little pick-me up in the hair department... check out the life changing Locks of Love organization. You will never know what something as simple as sharing some hair can do for another person... makes you feel pretty good too. ;-)


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