Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You're a peach!

Today was Littlest Little's 6 month check-up day. This meant it was going to be a long day, going in to work then leaving early to go home and get Josh dressed and ready for our favorite pediatrician in the world. We love her. She has been Middle Little's pediatrician since she was 12 hours old, and of course, now Littlest Littles. She is the type of pediatrician all Littles should have. A truly caring soul who knows her stuff and is always listening to every question or comment I have. Lovely woman... always dressed classy and always, always, greets the babies with a genuine warm smile, open arms, and an "Oooooh look at you, you're a peach, you are!"

Helping hold the stethescope... maybe he is going to be a Doctor when he grows up? He patiently waits and watches as our pediatrician carefully examines him... not a peep, just a happy little fella' to be "helping out".

And a healthy 18lbs 11oz for today... our delicious little deli ham.

Yes, our handsome little guy received an A+ on the health report card and scored another "You're a peach" from the Doc. Josh was all smiles and a happy camper, until... shot time.

Two shots and some tears later.... cuddles, kisses and big lovin' made it all better and we were as good as new (yes, "we" - okay, so I didnt get bandaids, but it still hurt me too and I needed the cuddles and kisses just as much as he did). He got dressed, made our next appointment and said our goodbyes. Josh has to flirt with the young receptionist girls on the way out...batting his eyelashes and cooing while sporting his super macho Tweetie Bird bandaids.

We headed out to my office for a visit. Have to take the kids by the office when we are on that side of town. (On a side note: Come on Fall weather! Summer is too freakin' hot here! Going from a building to your car is like traveling a mile in the desert with no camel. Exagerating? Maybe. I'm just sayin'.)

I work with some lovely ladies. Like family. For instance... this is Queen, or as the hubby and I call her, our black wife. Heart of gold this one has. Beautiful person inside and out. Hurricane Katrina survivor... this girl has been through some s***, and still manages to be the wonderful soul she is. There are some really great and special people where I spend my days... grateful for them. I am fortunate.

Even though I enjoy working... everyone needs a vacation now and then. So I figure why not start training a stand in from an early age... one that I can train from the ground level up (literally). Child labor laws? Oh come on... I'd at least wait until he is 3, besides, its going to take me that long to teach him his alphabet for filing purposes. ;-)

You know what, scratch that... dinner time got me thinking...  perhaps a chef? Hmmm, Chef BoyarJosh?

Fun to daydream what your children might become in life... one never knows. You truly never know who you are looking at. The next president? Great inventor? Teacher? Artist? Doctor? Chef? Great family person? Etc. You never know. As long as they grow up happy, healthy, and contribute to society, I am proud. For now though, Littlest Little has an important job to do... just be his happy, loving little self. He is a peach, he is.

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