Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aliens among us...

 The news reminded me this morning that today is the 63rd anniversary of the whole Roswell UFO incident. 

Then, on the way to work this morning I ended up behind this vehicle (had to snap a pic with my phone's camera - crappy pic I know).  I do not know what kind of vehicle this was with its photo of a green balloon headed, sunglasses wearing, extraterrestrial little fella' and "Mars" marking on the back... but it sure grabbed my attention for some reason. What's this thing transporting... some kind of top secret space age alien stuff, abductees, aliens of the border hopping kind? I dunno, but like I said, the picture grabbed my attention and it made me giggle.
Speaking of extraterrestrial little beings.... the word extraterrestrial is defined as "outside, or originating outside, the limits of the earth."  Everytime I see a picture of an alien, it makes me think of my Littles as newborns, with their big ol' heads, tiny bodies, and wide open eyes that peer around a room taking in everything that is foreign to them while giving that slow drawn out blink. They have this confused little look about them, yet at the same time this "all knowing" look.  I love watching them when they are little and learning about the world around them. In the midst of their learning, they teach us so very much if we just stop and watch. Yes, all sorts of wondrous things, like how to love unconditionally, how to see another person for who they are, they can teach us to see beautiful little things that one might miss if you don't pay attention to detail - like that tiny little lizard on Grandma's porch with the bright blue tail, they can teach us to be uninhibited and how great it can be to just be silly... or really to just "be". Children are indeed "other world-ly". Sometimes I wish I could keep them small, keep them in these moments of discovery & pureness. It's like trying to hold water in your hands... you can squeeze your fingers together really really tight, but the water still manages to slowly trickle out.  Time is trickling. Loving my little aliens...

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