Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sky popcorn...

(This post added a week late due to one hectic work week and one tired momma! Better late than never. :-)

Hope everyone celebrated a safe and fun 4th of July! We had a red, white & blue weekend.  I love holidays... I mean LOVE. The fesitivties began Friday night as I told the Littles about how we were going to Grandma's to celebrate, visit with family/friends, eat delicious foods... and Friday night our neighbors tested out a few rounds of fireworks (nothing like having neighbors shoot off fireworks in your alleyway (illegal) and keep you awake late into the night).

Saturday, we were busy getting prepared for Grandma's (E.E.'s) house in the country on Sunday. Busy packing bags (and going over a list 50 times to make sure nothing was forgotten), laying out our patriotic threads - because we do have to dress the part, decorating Littlest Little's stroller in case we should happen to run across a 4th of July stroller parade (one must always be prepared), and me baking what I thought were the best cupcakes ever for a 4th of July BBQ! Loved these... "barbecue grill cupcakes" (Family Fun magazine). Fun to make and cute as can be, even when they did get hot in the car and the "steaks" (caramels), started melting and sliding off the grill. ;-)~

Sunday morning rolled around and I was up at the crack of dawn (okay, not the crack of dawn, but close enough) getting ready to hit the road. Double check the packed bag status... diaper bag, extra clothes, toiletries, decked out stroller, wallet, keys, phone/charger and most importantly the camera. I mean really who cares if we are sitting around neeekid with tangled hair and dead cell phones... by gosh, don't forget that camera!

Once we got to Grandma's house and unloaded... it was time to sit down and relax (well, as much as you can with two little ones).

Abbie had to head straight to E.E.'s flower garden. This woman has a SERIOUS (yes in all caps, that's how serious it is) green thumb. I think thats where our daddy gets it from...his mother. Abbie had to select several flowers to make a bouquet and carry around.

Abbie carried these flowers everywhere, even after they had wilted and gone on to the big flower bed in the sky. She loves flowers... I will buy her some every now and then, or daddy will pick her some from his garden, and she is so thankful and dances around saying "I lub flowers."

Littlest Little with Gavin and cousin Stephanie who rocked the patriotic gear. We have several rockstars in this family.

One of the many greats of Summer, watching the kids have fun outside (including the big kids who are disguised as adults).

Storytime with "E.E."

Momma caught Middle Little running through the house.

Haha! And you think your mirrors stay clean Grandma?! To the neeekid eye maybe, but look at all those finger prints and hand smears from the little people!

The "Three Stooges".

Daddy, Middle Little & the wilted flowers.

Love, love, love this man... (he lets me be me, stupid stuff and all, makes me feel beautiful & he loves me 100%).

Middle Little had to stop and take a brief cat nap...

Josh lounging in the shade and enjoying the sounds of the country and the tickle of the grass.

Always into something... love watching little people discover and explore new things. Brings me back down a level and makes me remember to stop and enjoy life more.

Once the food was ready, we ate so much... SO much. Good summer barbecue foods & ice cold beverages. Lots of side dishes, vegetable trays and desserts. We even roasted wild pigs that daddy hunt and gathered himself! (The peaches & cream cake was freakin awesome!) Something great happens when you sit around with family/friends and share a good meal...the feeling of togetherness.

We waited patiently for the darkness to arrive so we could light up the night sky.

Look at the sky popcorn (fireworks)! Nothing like the annual event of setting fire to sticks of mini dynamite and watching them explode into a gazillion glittery colors, the big bangs, and the sulfer smell! The Littles did okay until some of the louder bangs, and it was time to head inside.

This is a public service announcement: Fireworks can be dangerous. They are not toys, and it is imperative that you follow the instructions on the packaging. You do not want to set your mother's lawn on fire and make everyone run for the hills screaming. 

After a long day and night of family, friends, food and sky popcorn, it was time for snuggling with little ones and drifting off to the land of nod. (Okay so we did not get the best nights sleep with the four of us in one rock hard bed, but it was all good. Memories made.)

On any given night, I am sure there are thousands of mommas all over this world pacing the floor in the wee hours of the morning rocking and soothing wee ones... it's what good mommas do.

Next morning, it was time to clean up our messes inside and out, throw on fresh clothes, eat another nibble and get ready to hit the road home...

She is awesome... everything about her, from the tip of her golden curled head, to the tips of her tiny painted toes (looking like little red hot candies... I just want to nibble).

Yes, another holiday down... and many more to come. Love it.

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