Sunday, July 25, 2010

These things are fun & fun is good...

I realized this weekend was Joshua's half way mark to his first birthday. What better reason to celebrate a weekend than a "half birthday". Yeah, okay, just give me a reason to celebrate something and I'm all over it. Celebrating life is what its all about man! Decided to stop by the grocery store on the way home from work and pick up an Italian creme cake for us to celebrate Josh's special day. I don't care if it was special to anyone else but me... I was going to make sure and note the day! (I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who goes with the flow and deals with my compulsions and silliness....because he knows how important silliness is too.)

So Saturday, was "Happy Half Birthday Day", and also playdate day with Abbie's little cutie-pie of a friend, Vivian. We drug out the bigger kiddie pool (since the other postage stamp sized pool was just not going to cut it for two toddlers), and had the popsicles nice and frosty frozen.

Abbie loves her friend Vivian, and is working on learning how to share her things with others. I couldnt help but crack a smile when I had to get on to Abbie for taking toys away from Vivian and finally after telling Abbie that if she didnt be nice and share, she was going to have to get out of the pool and sit in time out until she could share better...again, Abbie takes a toy out of Vivian's hands, and I say "Abigail, that's not nice"... what does she do? She looks at Vivian and bats her little eyelashes and looks so sweet and innocent and says "Tank you Fifi-an" (as if Vivian willingly gave her the toy).  At least Abbie was polite about being rude?

So the girls swam (Vivian showed up with her fashionable little two piece swimsuit that just so happened to coordinate with Abbie's... so cute.), they ran all around playing on the slide/teeter toter/sand table/water table, with the sidewalk chalk, etc., ate lots of popsicles.. until they were tired little soaked raisins, covered in a sticky sweet popsicle film. So fun to watch them run around like busy little bees exploring their world so care free. Just little girls, being giggle-y, screaming, happy little beings. Ahhh to be little again.

Vivian's mom knows how to be silly too! We love her!

Little girls telling secrets.

Sunday morning Middle Little and I decided to bake. Muffins for breakfast sounded good. Abbie chose mixed berry muffins, and whipped and stirred her little heart out before letting me divide the batter up into her carefully placed muffin cups. Baking is good for the soul. Something about measuring, mixing and pouring... the delicious smell that fills the air... then of course, the finished product, that just makes you feel good.

Then there is this little gem. A friend of mine recommended these... I am not a beer drinker really, and if I am, I normally choose something different (foreign). These were surprisingly refreshing on a hot summer day while we were sitting outside waiting on our barbecue grill to cook up dinner. Yes, outside barbecue and an ice cold beer scream summertime.

Another good weekend spent loving our time together... trying new things, eating good stuff, celebrating one of our little blessings, playing with friends and lounging in our jammies. What more could you ask for in a weekend?

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