Saturday, July 17, 2010

Death by pot pie...

Just a big blurb of randomness... had a busy last few days. It's a busy life when you have a full time job, two little ones to tend to, a wonderful hubby you want to spend time with, pictures to be taken, multiple projects around the house and a bit of time thrown in to take care of yourself.

I've been trying to be good at work lately and remember to bring my lunch everyday. Way more inexpensive and lots better for you (unless you're like me and throw together random items such as a ziplock baggie full of white chocolate chips :-). I actually took my lunch to work all week... a first. I will say one thing though... if you're into watching calories (which obviously after my chocolate chip comment above... I am not), do not buy those Marie Calendar frozen pot pies! Sweet Jebus, those things have over 1,000 calories in one pot pie! One of these tasty, flaky, golden brown crust stuffed full of delectable goodness pies... yes, over 1,000 calories! I just bought several because I figured it would be a quick lunch at work if I didnt feel like actually packing something... I didnt realize I was going to be possibly packing pounds on my ass. I wont even go into how much sodium one of these things contains (trust me, it's enough to kill a whole nation of slugs). I did get a healthy dose of Riboflavin though... that's something right?!

Oh, side note: I've been trying out simple "Bento Box" lunches for Abbie while Im at work... fun stuff. I have seen some that are quite elaborate. Ours, well, not so much, but they are a fun way to pack a lunch. And hopefully a fun surprise for Abbie to open the boxes to see what's inside. Hey, if a box of snacks with some teddy grahams swimming around in a sea of chocolate chips and cashews makes her smile, then I'm all over it! So sweet to come home from work and hear her say "Tank you for my Bento mommy." LOL.

Speaking of work... this just irritates me... get up in the morning, take the time to get dressed and do something with my hair, and no one says a thing. Casual Friday comes around and I do good to throw on jeans and run a brush through my hair, and wouldn't you know... I get all kinds of compliments?! (Dont' get me wrong, I appreciate the compliments... just found it strange on the days I really do nothing, is when someone will say Think I'm going to dye my hair, or cut it or something... I dunno... shave it off and wear wigs! Yeah, a different "do" every day. :-)~  Really though, I do miss my bangs and natural blonde hair. (This color is the result of a costume contest two Halloweens ago! I dyed it REALLY dark to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and its just now faded to this mess.)

Heh, on to other things...

Daddy's garden is full of color and shapes. This year he also grew sunflowers. He grew some different varieties and even had one that bloomed larger than a dinner plate! It was freaking HUGE! These were my favorite though...kind of a sunburst looking orange-y thing. He cut one for me to put on my desk at work that was so gorgeous it looked fake like a silk flower. And, yes, I think all sunflowers should have smiley faces on them They should be "born" that way. They are lovely things... I swear if you get really close to them to, you can hear them speak.
Outside the house is wonderful, tidy and bursting with foliage... inside the house is a different story. Within minutes... seriously...minutes... the livng room looks like a toy bomb went off, or the toy box threw up. This is a familiar scene several times a day, we do get a work out though.

The two tiny terrorists that have declared gihad on our living room...

Heh, it's okay though. I would wade through a mountain of blocks the size of Mt. Everest just to see their smiling little faces.

Josh is growing like a weed and getting really vocal. Grabs everything in sight and is strong as a baby ox! He is one of the smiley-est little people I have ever seen in my life (his sisters were not this smiley). Bless his little bones, he has been a super grump lately due to teething. Poor little guy... just a drooly, cranky, chew on everything mess. But look... finally! We have little bunny teeth peeking right under the skin ready to erupt into two tiny pearly whites! Kind of makes me sad... I know before long, I will never get to see those precious little gummy grins. :-(  My babies grow up too fast. My goal is to make him smile every moment I can before those two little teeth show up!

Abbie is growing into a beautiful inside and out little girl. She is SO intelligent. At two years old she blows me away with what she knows. She makes me smile everyday. The other day her and Daddy were on the couch and it was getting close to bedtime... so Daddy asks... "What do you want to talk about?" (We do this before bed sometimes to wind her down.) The conversation goes:

Daddy: "What do you want to talk about?"
Abbie: "Sissy"
Daddy: "You want to talk about big sissy? "What's sissy's name?"
Abbie: "Sissy"
Daddy: "No, whats's her name?"
Abbie: "Her name Cassie!" (said with much enthusiasm)
Daddy: 'You love your big sister?"
Abbie: "I lub her" - "I like to see sissy" - "Shes pretty girl!"

All on her own, she thought this... sighhhhh. It was one of those make your heart swell up moments. (Biggest Little, who will soon be 19 years old... is extremely intelligent, and she has grown into a beautiful woman inside and out. No wonder Middle Little lubs her so...)  

Just how much love can one heart swell up and hold? I may need a heart transplant... an even bigger one, for all this love.  ;-)

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