Friday, July 2, 2010


"Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be
Your papa paparazzi momma mommarazzi"

Apparently, I have had the shutter-bug disease for quite some time.

Yeah, that platinum haired little girl with camera attached to her face grew up to be a big girl with a camera attached to her face. It's just really important for me to document "life" and freeze things forever in time. These are memories... things we carry within ourselves that no one can take away from us. How cool is it to have these moments in picture form to look at any time we want and give those memories vivid detail, or many years from now have a visual record of family history for others. It is mucho importante' to me. It is my life.... mine to remember and share.

Yes my friends, it is also important to document all those fabulous outfits and great looking hair dos over the years.. you know the ones, the ones that you felt you looked so hot in... but in reality are the "What the hell was I thinking" ones. Ahhh yes, these are important times in life. I am the one behind the camera, the one snapping up moments. Documenting. Preserving. I want to capture  excitement, sadness, happiness, bewilderment, the old, the new, the beautiful, the strange, silliness, love... life... all of it. Good stuff.

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