Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Has it already been 182.5 days....6 months... half a year?! Could it be? Where has the time gone? Yes, today precious son, you are halfway to your first birthday. It seems like you have always been here, that there was never life without you. I watch you grow everyday and get excited to see what each new day brings. I love everything about you. From the tip of your cupie doll hair, to the ends of your curled up little pudgy toes.

I love how you...
  • smile and giggle... those big ol' toothless grins (why your daddy calls you "gummy bear")
  • still have that baby smell... the new smell  and oh so soft skin
  • get so still and stare into my eyes while nursing... how your little eyes will squint into a smile... how you start dosing off and your little eyes flutter open and closed fighting sleep because you're afraid you might miss something. I love how you look when you're sleeping, so peaceful, and the weight of your little body just kind of settles down into my lap so snug... how your little feathery eyelashes touch your round soft cheeks when closed tight dreaming.
  • talk to your toys, and look so serious as if you're having a deep conversation
  • sit up with a little wobble and everyday you are getting stronger and a little less wobbly
  • are starting to give open mouth slobbery kisses - soooo sweet
  • wake up in the morning with a smile and wait for me to crack open an eye and look at you... and how you will touch my face and talk to me to get me to wake up when I pretend I am still asleep
  • watch your family and when you lock eyes with us, you are electric and light up
  • watch your sister play (and sisters friends) and when you get her attention you are all smiles and have this absolute look of love on your little face... you're just so happy to be hanging with the "big kids"...such a big boy.
  • look so proud of yourself when you accomplish something (making a toy work, sitting up, rolling over)
  • I could write a billion things I love about you... I want to cherish and remember every tiny detail of your little self.
We are so blessed to call you ours little one.

Happy Half Birthday... I love you a whole bunch.

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