Monday, June 28, 2010

And the dumbass award goes to....

Edited to add: Received an update on the drunk driver incident late tonight... some insane stuff here folks. Unbelievable. Update added to the end of this post.

Okay, this is just beyond dumbass... this is idiotic, crazy, selfish, and every other bad word you can think of.

I'm in the shower last night around 9:30 p.m. or so... just get my hair lathered up with my smelly good hair product and I hear a LOUD crash and car alarms going off. I knew this was not a good thing, and knew what it was. In a second I flipped the water off and jumped out of the shower dripping wet with lathered up hair and ran for the hallway slipping around the corner. Hubby is calling my name and says something about a wreck. No sooner than I open the back door, I hear it... people yelling/chaos.

Minutes later, here come the flashing lights, lighting up my back yard/alley like some kind of psychadelic rave going on. Peer over the fence and this is what I see right off.... yes friends, my tax payer dollars hard at work. Throwing tax payer dollars away on some dumbass that decided to drive drunk and plow into the back of my neighbors. (Had this man turned ever so slightly, he would have plowed through my fence and possibly ended up in the shower with me! I know my day will come, but me dying neeekid with bubbly hair and leg shaving razor in hand pinned between my toilet and a vehicle, is not really the way I want to go!)

Blue truck (obviously) belongs to the man who decided to get behind a wheel intoxicated. In front of that blue truck are two, yes TWO cars. Which thank God were just parked with no one in them.

Look at this mess! Pure crazy this is! I will repeat... thank God no one was in the car/s, or in the area! No one was hurt. Well, I hear the drunk was a little bloodied  after his truck kissed the back of these cars. But thats okay, he deserved it. Off to jail he went, and I'm hoping they put him in a cell with... well nevermind. I'm usually not an ugly person when it comes to others, but man, this is unacceptable. I despise people who get behind a wheel who have been drinking. It's one thing to choose to do something stupid if you might harm only yourself... but to possibly harm or even kill someone else? In my very strong opinion, this makes you a piece of shit.  You could be taking away someone's husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, child, etc.. you get the idea.

So now, we have to worry about installing some type of barricade to prevent something like this from happening again. Next time, we might not be so lucky and may end up with a vehicle in our house, or worse yet, someone hurt or taken away from us. :-(   Scary.

So to the guy who did this, I hope you learned something last night. I hope you feel worse than bad, and I pray even a sip of alcohol makes you turn green, gives you the poo-poos so bad you look like a red-butted monkey and can't sit down, and makes you so ill you never want it again. You better get on your knees and be thankful you didnt take anyone out last night.

Stepping off my soap box... rant over.

Don't Drink And Drive.
Update: Whoa, this is just unbelievable. This drunk driver goes beyond being an idiot. This man serves no purpose to humanity. He is taking up space.  Before running into the back of these cars, this man shot someone - ran from the scene, ran over two pedestrians (one went to the hospital, one was treated on scene) - ran from the scene, hit another car as he was driving - ran from the scene... was chased by the man in the car he hit, and then ran into the back of our neighbors damaging three more vehicles and their property.  I take back some of the stuff I said above. I'm not really going to go into what I think should be done to this man.


  1. just glad yall and the babies were not out there and he didnt come threw back yard. cause he would have not had a chance to go to hospital, huh john

  2. Thank you Billy. And yes, you would be correct... had this drunk come into our "area" and hurt someone, the daddy bear in our house would have eaten him alive.

  3. oh and i ment to say through yamean