Friday, June 18, 2010

Fantastic Find Friday!

This has been a score kind of day! Check it out!

~ Found these babies in my closet this morning (yeah another cell phone shoe pic... sorry folks, I do believe it is now a sickness). Are these not a fabulous find?! Red and black houndstooth patterned, with red patent buckle-y things. Yes, a gloriously happy find this morning (forgot they were in there - for almost two years)! Kinda Betty Boop meets Betty Paige-ish...

~ Found a lovely bracelet I forgot I had buried in a box.

~ Found a $5-er in the pocket of a pair of washed jeans. Woo-hoo!

~ Found my lost cherry Chapstick in the floor.

~ Found myself laughing over a Blue Grass (is this country music, or?) version of Madonna's "Like a Virgin"  song on the radio in the car on the way to work. Okay, so this doesnt quite count as a true "find" today... happened to come across the radio station and thought it was hilarious.

~ Found doughnuts & kolaches in the office lunch room this morning! My thighs thank whoever brought them in. They were delish.

~ Found a fu-fancy flowered skirt that a co-worker did not want any more and figured out I could turn this into a cute little summer dress. Recycle!
So Friday is turning out to be a great Friday. Not only is it the last day of the work week, but look at all this stuff I found! I mean really, does it get any better?! (Yeah, okay, it can always get better... but for now I am reveling in the joys of my found booty - ummm, thats pirate talk for, happy about my treasures. ;-)

Now, hopefully on to a great weekend spending time with my handsome honey and my Littles. Father's day is around the corner so its time to make sure you recognize the Dads out there and let them know how very important they are to our kids. (Bio-Dads, step Dads, foster Dads, anyone who takes on the Dad role and does it right. ;-) We have the best Daddy ever in our house.

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