Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful disaster...

Carrying a growing human being all tucked safely inside your body for months and feeling all those little flips, kicks and hiccoughs... is an amazing miracle. Giving birth to a tiny human being, a little person...  there are no words to describe the raw emotion and sudden swelling of love in your heart, and how in that very moment this tiny being comes out of your body, your life is changed forever. Moments like that take your breath away and make your heart feel all fluffy and warm...and good, and thats just the beginning... these moments are what makes life.

Seems us Mommas are constantly cleaning up after, or chasing after our little ones. I find that a little bit of trouble/chaos can be a good thing and make life a little more interesting. I drink in and absorb all the little things that happen daily... sometimes one single day can be full of surprises. 

Finding your little Picasso has very sneakily started her own art gallery on the living room wall... I can't help but smile and know that even though it might look terrible to others who might see it, to me it is a masterpiece and can eventually be scrubbed off/painted harm, just childhood beauty. Although, Middle Little was told "it is a no-no to color with crayons on anything other than your special paper". I asked her if she did in fact color on the wall and she scrunched her little face up and said "Noooo. I no color on the wall." (See mug shot below.)

Look at this little mess... the Littlest Little enjoying sweet potatoes for the first time. He is learning to sit in the high chair like a big boy. After his little snack, he was one big ball of orange... his face/shirt/highchair rivaled  the artwork his sister did on the living room wall. ;-)~

Then there is this...what is this you might ask? (Because I know I did.) This, is hubby's idea of a better way to dip your cookies in milk. Insert one cookie into 1/2 cup measuring cup and dunk in glass of ice cold milk... voila', one thoroughly dunked cookie, and one milk splattered counter.

Ahhh, and then there is the aftermath of a toy tornado in the living room floor, laundry mountain in the bedroom and hallway floors, the leaning tower of shoes in the dining room, etc, etc... but you know what? There is plenty of time to deal with these kinds of things... but our time for making memories and fun with our loved ones is running out. So the messes can wait a bit while we take our time making new messes and watching little ones grow. 

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