Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes not so perfect is perfect...

On a totally random note: I figured out what my crap phone camera was good for...taking random pics of whatever shoes I happen to be wearing for the day. 

Okay, maybe not... just happen to notice when I was looking through my phone camera album that I had several snapshots of my shoes?! Hmmm, didnt realize I had some kind of fetish or that my shoe obsession was that bad. (Did I mention before that I really like shoes?) *gasp* I'm some kind of camera phone picture taking shoe weirdo! Least they were pics of MY feet and not someone elses heh? ;-)~

No, actually camera phones are good for taking pictures of sweet sleeping babies who make their mothers smile every morning and start the day off right... yes, a picture to show every co-worker who will look, how he has grown just a wee bit over night, and I swear his hair has gotten longer since I put him to bed.

Or how about camera phone shots of a little girl being a little girl and mothering her baby dolls... or playing outside and happily gazing into her garden gazing ball?

After taking plenty of pro-pics... and prepping/staging photos and taking extra care to get lighting just right, composition right, etc... sometimes I start to lose sight of the fact that I dont have to try and make something "perfect". Sometimes not so perfect is actually... perfect. Yup, just like life... all is good and just the way it should be for now.

Snap pictures and make memories any way you can...

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