Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot bliggity blog...

"Hot blog, hot blog, hot bliggity blog... hot blog, hot blog, hot bliggity blog..."    *singing*    
I've got the "Hot Dog Dance" song from the Mickey Mouse children's cartoon show stuck in my head today and now everything is sung to the tune. That's what happens when you have a cute blonde hair - blue eyed Little in your house that loves the Mickey Mouse cartoon and can do the "Hot Dog Dance" like nobodys business (really should get video of this and save it on film for forever to embarrass her when she gets her first boyfriend)! Once you have kids, you get introduced to all these kick-ass tunes and dances. Yes, so awesome that you cannot sing/dance them in front of others for fear of scaring them away with your super cool-ness.
 I learned a valuable lesson today whilst pumping the boob-milk for the Littlest Little (hard job, this breast-feeding... but feel fortunate I am able to). Always, and I mean always, turn the pump OFF before dis-engaging the breast. I don't care how much of a hurry one might be in, don't pull the pump away... is it really worth pulling your boob off because you failed to turn the machine off and break the suction (yeah, T.M.I.)?! In reality, I'd pull both boobs off for the little stink if thats what it took to keep him healthy & happy. But talk about OUCH! I may need to take a week off work just to recoup!

You know, us mommas give up a lot for our Littles. Just a few of the things we might give up, but not limited to, and in no particular order; our dignity, our physical bodies, finances, our super cool-ness, our "me time", spontaneity, self esteem, friends, etc, etc.... we tend to give up ourselves. I know we have to sacrifice and give a whole lot for the Littles we love, and it changes our lives forever. But do we really have to give up all of ourselves? Can't we still carry a wee one on one hip, wipe a toddlers snotty nose with one hand,  hide a diaper or two in a fabulous handbag, swipe our lips with a sexy red lipstick with the other hand, while rockin a pair of hot stilletos feeling like we can conquer the world?   Can I get a big "Hell yeah!"?   So go on sista', be all that you can be. ;-)

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