Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday eve...

Yup, so here it is, it has come to pass... tomorrow, one more year of my life will have passed by. Its been a wonderful year with many great changes. (The biggest being the birth of our Son, Littlest Little, Josh. 20 years waiting for this little guy to be here. Will have to share the Littles story sometime.)

Had a great day at work... this was truly a good one. Such sweet co-workers. Received many birthday wishes, lunch (twice *grins*), an adorable bag with my name on it that hid a gazing ball frog for my frog garden, a beautiful grass green dress with beaded/jeweled v-neckline (which means I have to go shop for some gold heels to go with it... have I mentioned I love shoes?), and received a pole/shake your booty dance from two of my co-workers being silly while they sang happy birthday in breath-y Marilyn Monroe style. Too funny.

Got a phone call at work from the hubby, telling me "Congrats, your a grandmother!" At first I thought my heart was going to stop. First thought was our almost 19 year old daughter! He very quickly let me know the baby doves we had been watching nested in one of our plant hanging baskets, had hatched. Whew! He should have re-phrased that one... a grandmother? I felt like grabbing my chest Fred Sanford style and looking toward the sky while saying "Elizabeth, Im coming to join ya honey!"

Yes, so I am the proud grandma of two scraggly looking little dove babies..."Thing One & Thing Two" He had called to let me know he finished up our patio cover as well. Awesome... now my pale, Casper the ghost, looking self can go out and sit without getting burnt to a crisp and enjoy my new feathered grandbabies! Gives the Littles more shade to play in too. ;-)

This weekend I need to get out the camera equipment and get some shots of the Littles. Abbie knows the camera when she sees it. She immediately gets down on the floor and strikes a pose when she sees the camera come (I really need to get her a camera of her own for Christmas.) Cant wait to play with my new photo equipment birthday goodies the hubby gave me. Yeah, he gave me my birthday gifts a couple weeks early.
He does this every year... after he gives them to me, he looks at me puzzled, and asks "How'd you do that?!"
I say "What?"
He said "Did you just do some kind of Jedi mind trick on me to make me give you your gifts early? Is that what you do?"
The nerve. Like I would do such a thing.
*swipes my arm in front of his face* "You WILL buy me a yummy delicious Italian Creme Cake."

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