Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you ready for me?

Okay blog-world… are you ready for me…or wait, am I ready for myself? It is one thing to live life everyday moment by moment, and another thing to actually write some of this stuff down to look back at later.

Let me just ramble here for a minute… might as well introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Hope…nice to meet you.”

I am a lot of different things….too much to describe really. I think I am a pretty neat person, but that’s just my opinion. Some info is in my profile, so I wont waste your time repeating it. There is actually a lot I could say. I can’t fit everything in on these tiny little text boxes… I’m a pretty deep person man. ;-) Really the things I am most proud of though are my marriage, (married to a wonderful man of 20 years and counting… seriously, he is awesome and probably deserves his own post here, hmmm, maybe Ill have to do that), and my children, The Littles. These are the most beautiful children you have ever laid your eyes on… I mean it… BEAUTIFUL (Yeah, I am their mother… that has nothing to do with me saying that.)

Let me introduce you to my family…

My picture… (Yeah, I drew that… I am not posting my pic after looking at my fat a$$ this morning in my new “drawers” the hubby bought for my birthday. I swear that had to be someone else’s booty in the mirror.)

The hubby… seeeexay... woohoo! Smart man too, he married me. ;-)~
"Daddy" is his name.

"Big Little", Cassie, our oldest. Almost 19 years old, in college, smart and gorgeous! And no, guys, she is not available.


"Middle Little", Abbie, the middle kid (obviously). Just turned two years old, super smart for her age (I'm not kidding, scary smart...we are in trouble), and absolutely beautiful. You might ask, why such a huge gap in ages here (17 years between the oldest and Middle)... long story here. God thought we needed Abbie. She was meant to be here.

"Littlest Little", Josh, 4 months old, a handsome little guy. (Matter of fact, sister Abbie calls him "Handsome".) A giggling, smile-y, cooing butterball of pinchable goodness. And no ladies, he is not available.

That is my familia'. My reason for breathing. My reason for getting up everyday and making it through each day with a smile. Sighhhhh... I love them.

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